Jul 312014
The Best Cosplayers At San Diego Comic Con 2014

The popular annual nerd party Comic Con 2014 in San Diego has come and gone already. In case you missed the party, Sneaky Zebra has got you covered. The filmmakers hit up the famous convention, and captured all of the best cosplayers and costumes on camera. Enjoy!


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Mar 262014
Amazing Cosplay Costumes At London Super Comic Con 2014

Sneaky Zebra doesn’t miss a comic convention. The first Comic Con of 2014 took place at the awesome London Super Comic Con. Naturally, the convention was packed with awesome nerds wearing outrageous and overdone costumes. Thankfully, Sneaky captured all of the best cosplayers on video for the Internet to enjoy. 


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Oct 242013
Sh** Nerds Never Say

Remember the hilarious Sh** Girls Say meme from last year that was beaten dead as all good memes are online ?

Well, YouTuber Bill Scurry and Kevin Maher is bringing the meme back with a negative twist with Sh** Nerds Never Say filmed at the 2013 New York Comic Con. The hilarious video is already featured on UpRoxx, TheAwesomer, and Break


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Oct 122013
Best Cosplayers Of Winter London Film & Comic Con Music Video

The London Film And Comic Convention was held last week in Olympia, and Sneaky Zebra made sure to be there to capture all the action. 

The nerd crew sifted through all their best footage and put together this compilation music video–set to Larger Than Life by PinkZebra–of the most unique and creative cosplayers at the convention.


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Jul 312013

As a promotion for the new Assassin’s Creed 4 video game that is set for release at the end of October, Ubisoft worked with popular YouTube cinematographer Devin Supertramp to produce yet another Assassin’s Creed-inspired parkour video. 

The last two AC free-running videos Devin produced starred athlete Ronnie Shalvis, but as he needed some downtime, Chris Romwell stepped in to perform equally impressive parkour jumps and tricks around downtown San Diego when Comic-Con 2013 was still being held at the time. 


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