Feb 182014
What Do Indian Headshakes Mean

Nodding your head is a universal signal for ‘yes’ while shaking your head is always understood as ‘no.’

But in India, there are countless more headshakes. What do they all mean?

Thankfully, Meen Fried Chiken Curry has stepped forward to explain all the different Indian headshakes. 

A must see before your trip to New Delhi. 


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Feb 132014
The Truth About Being Single

We all want the same simple thing. We want the love and care of another human being. And there’s nothing to remind us of that like being alone on Valentine’s Day

But, as Paul Gale Comedy demonstrates in this sketchwe are often the ones responsible for obstructing our own true love. 


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Nov 192013
International Relations Comedy Sketch

This comedy sketch by the Brigham Young Univesity Television has gone viral with over 100,000 hits.

In International Relations, America chats with Canada while shopping at the grocery, and has an awkward conversation after bumping into her ex-boyfriend Britain.


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Nov 122013
Security Questions Comedy Sketch

Everyone has to deal with them.

Those annoying security questions asked by most sites after confirming a password. If for any reason the user forgets their pass, they can simply answer the security questions that only they would know and reobtain their code. 

The system works great. Unless, of course, you’re a adopted, never owned a pet or a car, and didn’t go to school… 

The new humorous comedy sketch by UCBComedy is featured further by DailyDot


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Nov 072013
Adam Yenser Stand-Up On Conan

Stand up comic Adam Yenser performed a great bit on Conan last night.

He covered hilarious topics, such as how to explain a decorative water fountain to a visiting African tourist, and how the most popular Applebee’s menu items are basically named after the type of diarrhea patrons experience after dinner. 

One chocolate meltdown please!


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