Jan 152015
Swedish Magician Performs Comedy Magic Act With Banana

Swedish comedian and magician Carl-Einar Häckner has been trending ever since he published this video of his performance at the Comedy Gala at the Melbourne comedy festival. Carl performs a classic comedy-magic sketch in which he makes a banana disappear. 


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Dec 142014
Eating An Everything Bagel Will Blow Your Mind

An everything bagel is a popular choice when you want your chewy bread really packed with flavor. But what if an everything bagel actually tasted like everything? As in everything! The University of Pennsylvania’s musical-comedy group Mask & Wig demonstrates what it might be like in this humorous comedy sketch.


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Dec 052014
How Jackie Chan Perfected Action-Comedy

Even when a movie manages to combine action and comedy, it seems the two genres still stand separately side by side. One director who has managed to perfectly blend action and comedy is actor, director, and martial art sensation Jackie Chan. Movie reviewer Every Frame a Painting explains how Jackie has perfected this art form in this extended video which has gone viral with over 360,000 hits!  


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Oct 142014
NYPD Arrests Audience Member During Stand-Up Show And Heckles Comedian

Brooklyn comedian Adam Newman was on stage working his set like any other night when the unimaginable happened. Four New York City Police officers barged into the small theater and started to arrest an audience member. When Adam tried to keep the atmosphere light and ask what was going on in a joking manner, the cops heckled him and literally told him to STFU. Only in New York! 

Ironically, this interruption made for a great viral video


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Jul 052014
Dan Naturman’s Stand-Up Comedy Act Will Make You Laugh

Most contestants on America’s Got Talent are singers or dancers. Not Dan Naturman. He’s a comedian. Nearly all comedy acts on the popular talent show flop out, but Dan started strong and had the crowd laughing until the very end of his set. The judges even gave him a standing ovation. So it’s no surprise this video clip has gone viral with over 800,000 hits!


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