Jul 052014
Dan Naturman’s Stand-Up Comedy Act Will Make You Laugh

Most contestants on America’s Got Talent are singers or dancers. Not Dan Naturman. He’s a comedian. Nearly all comedy acts on the popular talent show flop out, but Dan started strong and had the crowd laughing until the very end of his set. The judges even gave him a standing ovation. So it’s no surprise this video clip has gone viral with over 800,000 hits!


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Jul 042014
Every Maid Of Honor Speech, Ever Is So True

The Maid of Honor speech at every wedding is always the same. It’s like these women all channel the same spirit who inspires their speech. Comedian Owen Weber performed every Maid of Honor speech ever at Chicago Filmmakers, and put up this clip for all the of Web to enjoy. 


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Jun 262014
Jerry Seinfeld On Proper Technology Behavior

Technology continues to penetrate the culture and society. Everyday, more people are joining the online community. As this technological world of gadgets, devices, and networks has blossomed so fast, WIRED asked comedian Jerry Seinfeld to offer some new rules and guidelines on how to properly behave in this new high-tech universe. Jerry was happy to oblige. 


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Jun 202014
Southwest Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Pre-Flight Speech

Frequent fliers hate the pre-flight speech before take-off. It may surprise you, but the flight attendants hate the speech even more. They have to give the same boring speech over and over. David London was on a Southwest flight from San Francisco to Chicago on Tuesday when he was pleasantly surprised. The flight attendant veered from the usual boring speech to incorporate some hilarious comedy. Passengers couldn’t help but laugh.  


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Jun 112014
Dave Chappelle

It seems like yesterday, but it was nearly eight years ago when comedian Dave Chappelle quit his comedy show on Comedy Central and ran away to Africa for a much needed vacation. Hollywood literally pushed him over the edge. Now, years later, Chappelle visited the Late Show with David Letterman to talk about the fiasco, and this interview clip has instantly gone viral! 


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