Sep 172014
Fake Celebrity Prank To Get Girl’s Phone Number

The Model Pranksters crew teamed up with Zalman to prove that you can basically get any girl’s phone number if you are famous enough. Zalman approached a girl in a busy cafeteria and started to woo her even though she claimed to be in a relationship.

But before they could really talk, planted passersby started to recognize Zal as a hot new musician. Pretty soon the girl who was previously taken was suddenly interested in him.

This prank video has gone viral with over 1.3 million hits in just a week!


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Sep 152014
isis mrctv

Countless TV shows and YouTubers have proved over and over that the general public will sign a petition for nearly anything. Sure, it’s funny when people sign a petition to ban H2O, but this latest petition social experiment by MRCTV is a lot more sad and scary than funny. 

Dan Joseph went to a Virginia college campus to ask college students to sign a petition to support ISIS, you know the evil Islamic State terrorist group who have been beheading Americans and Brits, enslaving women and children, and waging war across the Middle East. Terrifyingly, more than a few students signed the petition. 


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Sep 152014
Fraternity Performs Epic ‘Shake It Off’ One Take Lip Dub

The frat brothers of Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Mu at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky have become instant Internet stars. After having fun by putting together an epic one-take lip dub music video of Taylor Swift’s new hit single Shake It Offtheir video quickly started to trend online. But once Taylor Swift herself tweeted the video, it instantly went viral! Their lip dub video now stands with over 3.3 million views!


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Sep 082014
John Oliver On Student Debt

It wasn’t that long ago when someone could go to college and work a part time job to pay for tuition. These days, a part time job will barely cover the expense for textbooks. Student loan debt has now blimped to over one trillion dollars. John Oliver discusses the serious state of student loan debt in this latest clip from Last Week Tonight. 


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Sep 022014
The Idiot’s Guide To College

In the past, only the best and brightest went to college and they went with a career in mind. Today, nearly everyone goes to college, even the class clowns. With the government offering subsidized student loans, and Hollywood selling the exciting college experience, who wouldn’t sign up for four years of partying? Above Average explains why that may not be the best idea in this humorous sketch, The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People: College.


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