Nov 292013
Northwestern Professor Invents New Lightboard Thats Leaves The Old Chalkboard In The Dust

In this digital day and age, a chalk board or even dry erase board no longer cuts it in the classroom.

That’s why engineering professor Michael Peshkin of Northwestern University devised the Lightboard, a digital LED dry erase board that can even super impose graphics from his computer. 

Read more on LaughingSquid.


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Nov 232013
Florida State University AcaBelles Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

This video by a cappella production company The Vocal Company has gone viral with over 4 million views!

The Florida State University’s vocalists group The AcaBelles covers Royals by Lorde, and knocks the song out of the park!


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Nov 212013
Harvard Students Don’t Know The Capital Of Canada

Harvard is America’s most famous ivy league school, so even if most Americans don’t know the capital of Canada, they surely do. Right?

The Harvard Crimson wanted to find out, so they asked a slew of students walking by on campus.

Their answers have shocked the web, and now this subsequent video has gone viral with over 450,000 hits!


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Nov 152013
Reverse Pickpocketing Magic Prank

Prominent magician, prankster, and uplifter Stuart Edge is at it again. 

As money is almost always tight for the average college student, Stuart and his buddy Miles decided to give back. Literally. 

Instead of swiping someone’s stuff in one of his magic tricks, he used misdirection to literally slip some cash into a few lucky students’ pockets!

This is the reverse pick pocket trick!


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Nov 072013
Things We All Do In College

Ahh, college.

That time in life when we all go through the same experiences, yet feel like no one else does.

Like when that big final is coming up, and we instead choose to party all night and hook up with strangers. Then, the next morning we clean our room for the first time in the semester instead of studying.

After that, we use our best math skills to figure out the lowest grade we can receive to pass the course. 

The list masters at BuzzFeed Video covers these ideas, and more, in their new video, Awkward Things You Do In College


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