Mar 172014
Stanford Physics Professor Has The Best Reaction After Learning His 30 Year Old Theory Is Proven Correct

Stanford University physics professor Andrei Linde theorized the cosmic inflation theory 30 years ago that explains the first moments of the Big Bang.  

Professor Chao-Lin Kuo and his colleagues have just recently proven, with 99.99% certainty, that the theory is correct with their BICEP2 experiment. 

Andrei’s reaction to learning the exciting news is simply priceless, and is now trending. 


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Feb 042014
Cat Stars In Adorable University Of Lethbridge Commercial

The marketing team at University of Lethbridge sure knows how to speak to this new generation.  

To promote the Alberta school and a contest to win tickets to have dinner with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the school commissioned this viral, Internet approved commercial starring a cat.



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Jan 222014
33 Fun Facts About 33 Colleges

Did you know students at Binghamton University built ramps so salamanders could climb the curbs and escape certain death in the streets.

John Green of Mental Floss covers this weird fact and more in the latest episode of his popular weekly education show, 33 Fun Facts About 33 Colleges.


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Jan 072014
Arkansas State Hidden Player Trick Play

“This is the play that is called ‘hide the midget.’” 

R.J. Fleming of Arkansas State was literally crouched down, hiding behind the defensive line right next to the quarterback at the hike. It seemed that no one on Ball State had any clue where the ball was. 

By the time a few defenders realized Fleming had it, he had already run for a first down.


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