Apr 082014
Classical Music Quartet Put On Funny And Outlandish Performance

This video by German music quartet Salut Salon has only gone viral now with over 375,000 hits!

The four women seem to compete who can perform their instrument in the most outlandish way. They put on an entertaining and humorous performance which includes Vivaldi’s Summer and Mozart’s Semplice.


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Sep 252013
Random New Yorkers Conduct Orchestra In Manhattan Square Social Experiment

For their latest social experiment, the popular pranksters and improv artists at Improv Everywhere set up a classical Carnegie Hall orchestra in the middle of a crowded Manhattan square. 

New Yorkers were prompted at the podium with a sign reading, “conduct us,” to literally take the reigns of the orchestra. 

Smiles were had by all.


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May 192013

YouTuber foundring noticed the theme music for the Inspector Gadget cartoon sounded so similar to the classic piece In the Hall of the Mountain King. He soon discovered that Shuki Levy who made the theme song was in fact inspired by the Peer Gynt number. 

He made his own hybrid of the two in this piano video that has gone viral over the weekend, quickly grabbing 100,000 views


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Mar 222013

This video was posted a month ago, but has only now experienced a viral surge of viewership. RC model airplane enthusiast Mark Barnes not only flies his remote control airplane indoors, but perfectly executes beautiful choreography to classical music.   


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Oct 242012

The musical video experiment artists at  asked a very important question. How do we get our kids interested in classical music today when pop music, and the obsession with all that is fresh and new, is so dominate? 

Well, they think we can start by having kids sing pop songs to the tune of classic pieces by famous composers, like Bach and Mozart. With the help from their young friends, Alyssa Lower and Aiden Medina, they perform some old tunes with new pop music lyrics with adorable results.  


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