Dec 072012

Grand Illusions is a specialty YouTube channel which focuses on unique, amazing, and rare toys from the past thirty years. But the best part might be the host, a very proper British man who who only adds more magic to the children’s antiques.

At random, one of their new videos has finally gone viral.

The toy being presented is called Popping Puzzles. The paper toys are all flat when removed from the packaging, but once the user lets go of the elastic band, they pop up into cubes with pictures on them. 

Simply outstanding.  


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Nov 252012

This adorably precious vintage clip from the 90’s classic version of America’s Funniest Home Videos was uploaded online long ago, but has started to trend again now.

Bob Saget introduced the cute video with, “This maybe one of the sweetest tapes you’ll ever see. Parents, get your kids over here to show them this is a good example of a brother helping his little sister.”

In the short clip, a brother’s little sister was having difficulties making it across a small gap in the sidewalk. To help her out, big bro literally lied down across the gap, so his little sister could climb over him to safety. 

The cute! It’s too much!


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Oct 222012

This vintage video clip was published last week and has gone viralviral, standing with over 1.5 million views.

The clip features a very young Henry Thomas auditioning for his part as ET’s best friend in the timeless science fiction movie, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. It only took him one emotional take through the lines for Spielberg to give him the thumbs up.

The viral video is further featured on LaughingSquid, HuffPost, and Slate.


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Sep 072012

The  maybe the most beloved and exciting game show on TV. Everyone under thirty has fond memories staying home from school sick and watching TPIR. There’s just something about Bob Barker that is so soothing. 

So just for fun, The Price Is Right YouTube channel just published the very first Showcase Showdown winner

It’s amazing how so much is so similar, but also so different. The most notable being the absolute silence. There’s no cheering and rowdiness at all. Simply organized applause, as if they are Jeopardy’s audience of today. How melodramatic. 


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Sep 032012

 has recently become one of the Internet’s most popular remix autotune artists. After teaming up with PBS, he has really started to trend.

John’s week old publication, titled Be Water My Friend, remixes classic Bruce Lee footage, and has garnered over 735,000 hits so far.

The music video is featured on Neatorama, Guyism, and TheAwesomer


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