Jan 102014
Harding University Choir Sings In Reptile House At Cincinnati Zoo

Kira Stegman was touring the Reptile House at the Cincinnati Zoo when something unexpected happened. 

The Harding University choir was also there, and some of the singers noticed how perfect the acoustics were in the special building. 

This resulted in an epic, impromptu singing performance by the vocalist group. 


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Nov 082013
Russian Army Choir Performs ‘Get lucky’

Apparently it takes some time for pop music to migrate to Mother Russia

Russian YouTube channel РИА Новости just published this performance of the Russian Army Choir performing the Daft Punk techno hit single Get Lucky.

Apparently, they will be performing the song at a concert in the Kremlin in honor of the National Ministry of Internal Affairs worker’s day, says Knuckztve.

Veteran viewers will remember the choir last went viral on the Western web in the summer, singing Skyfall


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Aug 262013

Russian YouTuber MrGraff24 posted this video before the weekend and already it stands with over 600,000 hits. The video features the Russian Army Choir singing Adele’s theme music for the new James Bond movie SkyFall

Buzzfeed, DailyMail, and TheAwesomer have all covered the viral video. 


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May 192013

The Trondhjems Studentersangforening is a prestigious Norwegian choir over 100 years old. As they do every year on Norway‘s Constitution Day, they assembled by the statue of Olav Tryggvason in the central plaza of Trondheim to sing Olav Trygvason.

This year, an unexpected guest was awaiting them at the early hours of the morning. A teen who had passed out drinking the night before had made camp at the statue of Olav Tryggvason, so the choir decided to ease him through his hang over with some nice music. 


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