Feb 042013

Comical Stand Up brings this comedy clip by Anto Chan that is going viral. In ten days, the video has already garnered over 150,000 hits.

Anto discusses the complexities of the Chinese dialect Cantonese. For example, the word ‘gow’ can mean multiple things all based on slightly different pronunciations.

To show just how complex things can get, Anto recites a sentence in Cantonese that, to the untrained ear, seems to sound like, ‘Gow gow gow, gow gow gow gow.’


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Jan 132013

The San Diego Zoo published this video at the start of the weekend, and already it has collected over 600,000 views

Six month old panda cub Xiao Liwu, who has been growing ever more popular online, was finally let out into his mother’s outdoor enclosure. Naturally, the anxious press coo and ahh at every move the adorable Chinese bear makes. 

The viralviralvideo is further covered on ViralVideoChart, DailyMail, Neatorama, and DailyPicks


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Jan 132013

This video was posted online by su jiang three months ago, but it has only started to trend now over the weekend, quickly amassing over 80,000 views. The video from the Chinese web features a cute kid amazingly, and shockingly, properly driving and operating a giant construction front loader. The child’s skills are truly impressive. 


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Aug 262012

This video by Chinese do-it-yourselfers  went viral last week. The video shows the simple way to extract the egg yolk from the white. 

Simply squeeze a plastic bottle and use the pressure to ‘suck up’ the yolk. The yellow will easily slide into the bottle. 

The video amassed over two million views in just the past week, and is further covered on FoodBeastLaughingSquid, and HuffPost.


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Jul 262012

Here in America, even the most die hard Bieber fan is sick of his 2010 hit single Baby. But apparently, the song is just getting to China now. 

China obsessed  published this outrageous video of a Chinese man riding a cow, playing guitar, and singing his very best Bieber. 


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