Oct 142013
Chinese Toddler Girls In World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

YouTuber Weiyeu2 posted this adorable martial arts video nearly two years ago, but the clip has recently resurfaced, appearing on sites like Neatorama and DailyPicks under the title World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

And the name seems quite appropriate as the cute clip features two precious Chinese toddlers competing in their first Taekwondo fight. 

“Fight” is really too strong of a word in this context, as the two seem to simply be play fighting for the sake of their over-zealous parents. 


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Oct 072013
Sweet Child Of Mine Covered On Chinese Zither Guzheng

The traditional Chinese Guzheng dates back thousands of years, but Michelle Kwan is bringing the plucked zither into the 21 century with this cover video. 

Two weeks ago, she published her original Guzheng cover of the Guns and Roses classic Sweet Child Of Mine, and has gone viral over the weekend. 

The video has already amassed over 200,000 views, and is featured on TheProvince, DailyPicks, NowMSN, and RYOT


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Aug 072013

As the viral community has seen before, commercials are much different in the far East than in the US. They are often emotional short films that only make a slight mention of the sponsor at the end.

This commercial for Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS was posted in 2010 though it aired in honor of the Chinese New Year in 2006. Only now has the ad gone viralviral on the Western web, instantly garnering over half a million views

The video features a circle of older mothers, showing off their children’s accomplishments while they enjoy lunch. But ironically at the end, it is the mother with the commoner child who the group is most envious of. 


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Jun 252013

The famous commercial kings Rhett and Link have debuted a new commercial, titled Kung POW!, for Chinese restaurant Frontier Wok in Burbank, California

As their theme is the Old West, they pair the shop owner against a hungry customer in a classic duel, only with fried rice and chow mein in place of bullets.

For the cherry on top, they even mismatch the audio and video to give the advert a cheesy kung-fu film flavor. 


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Jun 212013

Andrew Huang isn’t your average online rapper. He’s not simply bilingual, but can speak five languages fluently. He demonstrates his linguistic and music ability in his new rap song Vas Tunga – Andrew Huang Raps In 5 Languages, where he weaves a song in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Mandarin. 


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