Jul 102013

In just two short decades, China has become a world powerhouse. Only America stands in their way now, and sadly, it seems the USA is subconsciously preparing for the day China officially becomes #1.

Mark Griffith has been in China for a couple of years now, and apparently, they already feel on top of the world there. 

To demonstrate the current metropolis state of the capital of China, Mark commissioned this music video parody of the NYC classic Empire State Of Mind with an Chinese twist, starring Andrew Dougherty and Princess Fortier

Notice the chorus reads “Now you’re in Beijing, there’s nothing you can do” as a quiet jab at the oppressive communist regime. 


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Jul 022013

The pranksters of LAHWF are currently in China. Andrew first went viral there last when week by simply taking people’s sun-umbrella to the shock of his prank victims.

Now, he has garnered over half a million hits pulling off his famous holding people’s hand prank in Chengdu, China


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Jun 282013

Prankster Andrew Hales and his YouTube channel LAHWF have been such a success, they’ve taken their social experiment antics to China.

In Chengdu, China, Andrew simply walks up to complete strangers who can’t even understand him, and calmly takes their sun-umbrella

Naturally, the prank victims are flabbergasted.


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Jun 172013

Every though nearly every piece of consumer products now originate in China, the World’s Factory still has a name for poor quality control and nearly no oversight. 

This viral video by Mark Bridgman doesn’t help that stereotype. It was actually published a year ago, but has only gone viral now. 

While waiting to depart on his flight from Guangzhou Airport, he was sadly less than surprised to discover air freight employees literally throwing boxes of cargo so carelessly onto the conveyor belt that most of the packages fell of with a great crash. 

After watching the men pathetically attempt at cleaning up their mess, Mark couldn’t help but let off some steam, saying, “What a joke, If you had put them on right first, you wouldn’t have this problem. I hope they’re not fragile.” 


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Jun 142013

As a promotion for the CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos The Hour, they invited world famous martial arts actor Jackie Chan to tell a story as a part of their Best Story Ever series

Jackie recollects how he had the special opportunity as a young man to star in a Bruce Lee film.

He adorably admits how after Bruce accidentally hit him too hard in the face, he purposefully ‘milked’ the occasion to spend a little more quality time with his martial arts idol. 


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