Oct 072013
Sweet Child Of Mine Covered On Chinese Zither Guzheng

The traditional Chinese Guzheng dates back thousands of years, but Michelle Kwan is bringing the plucked zither into the 21 century with this cover video. 

Two weeks ago, she published her original Guzheng cover of the Guns and Roses classic Sweet Child Of Mine, and has gone viral over the weekend. 

The video has already amassed over 200,000 views, and is featured on TheProvince, DailyPicks, NowMSN, and RYOT


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Aug 312013
Giant Boulder Nearly Crushes Car In Chinese Avalanche

This new video by Chinese YouTuber 日族 哈 has instantly gone viral today, garnering over one million hits already!

The amazing dash camera footage showcases a rock avalanche that nearly crushed one car with a giant boulder. The initial rock slide off slammed the car, which luckily moved it just far enough to be safe from the enormous climactic falling boulder.


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Jul 232013
Beijing Subway Morning Rush Hour

And New Yorkers complain about the bad manners and poor etiquette on the MTA subway? Obviously, they’ve never taken a ride on the Beijing subway. 

Just check out how brutal morning rush hour is in Beijing, China.

As most travelers of public transport know, there’s nothing more infuriating than when commuters boarding don’t allow room for riders to exit the train cars before entering. What results, as BeijingCream reports, is torturous bottleneck


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Jul 102013

In just two short decades, China has become a world powerhouse. Only America stands in their way now, and sadly, it seems the USA is subconsciously preparing for the day China officially becomes #1.

Mark Griffith has been in China for a couple of years now, and apparently, they already feel on top of the world there. 

To demonstrate the current metropolis state of the capital of China, Mark commissioned this music video parody of the NYC classic Empire State Of Mind with an Chinese twist, starring Andrew Dougherty and Princess Fortier

Notice the chorus reads “Now you’re in Beijing, there’s nothing you can do” as a quiet jab at the oppressive communist regime. 


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Jul 022013

The pranksters of LAHWF are currently in China. Andrew first went viral there last when week by simply taking people’s sun-umbrella to the shock of his prank victims.

Now, he has garnered over half a million hits pulling off his famous holding people’s hand prank in Chengdu, China


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