Sep 262013
Children’s Band Covers ‘Forty-Six And 2′ By Tool

When one thinks of the typical fans of the heavy metal band Tool, children are the last demographic to come to mind. 

But producer Aaron Okeefe has the Internet thinking otherwise after publishing this two week old music video of a children’s band covering the hit rock song, Forty-Six And 2

And the web is thankful for learning otherwise as the video has garnered over 1.3 million rocking views and over 20,000 likes!


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Jul 142012

 hit an emotional home run with their Olympic games mom tribute commercial that currently stands with over 5 million views.

Now, they are continuing their ‘Proud sponsors of Moms’ campaign with a new tribute video in honor of the children athletes mothers put so much effort in raising. The video has also become a most shared hit, garnering one million hits in just three days. 


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Apr 202012

The Planet Earth series on BBC has been in the making for five years now, and brings the wonders of our world into people’s living rooms across the globe. 

As a playful gag,  enlisted the help of some adorable kids to narrate some scenes instead of the usual classically trained speaker. The results are just too precious to bear. 

The new video is featured on TheAtlantic, Buzzfeed, and Mashable.


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Apr 142012

German rock band Rammstein isn’t what most would consider children’s music, but the Children Medieval Band aren’t most children.

The band consists of older brother Stefan and his two younger sisters. Together, the three perform a spot on cover of Sonne by Rammstein. Check out five year old Cornelia on the drums.

The video from March just exploded now, amassing 300,000 views in the past couple days and being featured on TheDailyWhat, ImperfectParent, and BoingBoing


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Feb 162012

This vintage Sesame Street clip from 1984 went viral last October, and is resurfacing now after being featured on TheFW. The 80′s was really the Genesis of home computing, so Sesame Street had a special on the new technology. A group of New York school children were asked what a computer is. Their answers are enlightening and, interestingly, not much different than what a child today would say. 


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