Dec 022013
20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Mashup

One minute mash up master Chad Neidt is back to review the year. 

In this 2013 wrap up video, he quickly covers the top 20 most overplayed songs of past 12 months, including Thrift ShopRoyalsRoar, and more. 

Which song is your favorite and which can’t you stand? Better, which songs did he leave out?


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Oct 072013
Songs That Were Ripped Off Mash Up

One minute mash up artist Chad Neidt has stepped forward to demonstrate how easily pop music rips off popular songs from the past. All in just one minute of course. 

Who would have thought that Eminem and Kelis shared the same music book when recording their hit songs?


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Jul 012013

YouTube musician Chad Neidt is well known for his one minute mash up medleys.

For his latest song, he asked his fans for their favorite commercial jingles. He then put together this Famous Commercial Jingles Medley that has viewers itching for some chocolate, bubble gum-flavored cat food. 


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