Mar 102015
This Video Will Make You Angry

Popular Internet nerd and educator CGP Grey explains how ideas and thoughts spread from person to person in the same way germs spread. By reading or hearing a new idea, you have been ‘infected’ with a new idea.

And if you like the new thought you may very well spread it to your friends. 

With the Internet, this phenomenon is greatly amplified. This is all good and fun when we’re talking about cat memes. But when angry and negative ideas spread online things go downhill quickly. 


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Dec 172014
The Lord Of The Rings Mythology Perfectly Explained

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy book and movie series. But if you’re not already a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s really hard to get into it. There are just so many different wizards, orcs, and elves that it’s overwhelming. Thankfully, super nerd CGP Grey has stepped forward to explain the mythology in simple terms. 


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Jul 032014
Explaining The American Empire

We all know about the continental United America and the two states disconnected, that is Alaska and Hawaii. But what about other territories that are under the jurisdiction of America? In honor of Independence Day, educator CGP Grey reviews a slew of other islands and nations that fall under the rule of America that most people aren’t even aware of. 


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Jun 042014
Your Family Tree Explained

Everyone understands how families work when dealing with three generations. There’s kids and parents. The parents of the parents are called grandparents. But add any more relatives to the mix, and things get confusing pretty fast. Thankfully, educator CGP Grey explains the family tree from top to bottom in simple terms in this new video


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