Mar 072016
The Trouble With Star Trek Transporters

Star Trek has entertained and amazed viewers for decades. One of the coolest parts of the show that has been around since the beginning is the transporter. The idea of just tapping a button and then you instantly disappear and reappear somewhere else has been a human dream for ages. Of course it’s pure science fiction, but CGP Grey decided to dissect the science of the transporter anyways in this new video. 


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Dec 312015
Who Owns Really Antarctica

For some time now, every tiny piece of land on earth has been found, and thus claimed. But what about Antarctica? Who really owns it? Barely anyone lives there, and those who do don’t live there permanently. So what country is Antarctica in? CGP Grey explains everything there is no know about the icy continent in this trending video.


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Jun 272015
That Flag Everyone Wants To Take Down Actually Isn’t The Confederate Flag

There’s been a lot of talk about removing the Confederate flag from government buildings in the South ever since the horrific attack at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina last week. The thing is, that flag actually isn’t even the official flag of the Confederacy, explains online educator CGP Grey in this viral video


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Mar 102015
This Video Will Make You Angry

Popular Internet nerd and educator CGP Grey explains how ideas and thoughts spread from person to person in the same way germs spread. By reading or hearing a new idea, you have been ‘infected’ with a new idea.

And if you like the new thought you may very well spread it to your friends. 

With the Internet, this phenomenon is greatly amplified. This is all good and fun when we’re talking about cat memes. But when angry and negative ideas spread online things go downhill quickly. 


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