Sep 092013
What Is Reddit?

In case your still stuck on MySpace, popular YouTube educator and animator CGPGrey has stepped forward to bring reddit closer to the mainstream.

In his newest video, he explains what exactly reddit is–an online content aggregator similar to a daily newspaper–and explains how the site works better than most other news sites, even with no editors on deck.


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Jul 022013

Most people have heard the term ‘European Union’ in discussions of politics or bank bailouts but they may not have a full grasp on the vast political union. That’s because, like the continent itself, its borders and laws are confusing and grey.

It may seem simple enough that the countries of Germany, France, England, Austria, Poland, and many more are basically all in the EU and that’s that, but, of course, they didn’t want things to be so easy.

Nearly every rule has an exception and every exception has a rule.

To clear things up, popular educator CGPGrey has stepped forward to explain all the ins and outs of the European Union for all us Yanks. 


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Jun 052013

Canada and America share the longest, straightest border in the world, so it’s a good thing the sister countries get along so well. But still, both great countries like to pound their chest at the other to make it clear whose side of the continent is whose.

Popular online history educator CGPGrey explains that most people don’t know, but the Canada and the US even cut a twenty foot barrier at their borders. For all 5,500 miles of it. 


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