Dec 232013
Carlos Santana Reunites With His Homeless Drummer

Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone was one of Carlos Santana’s original drummers. 

KRON 4 News reporter Stanley Roberts found Marcus who is now homeless in Oakland, California, and, after confirming his identity, reunited the two musicians. 

Now, this video report of the reunion is going viral, and is further featured on DailyDot, Mashable, and Time


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Dec 192013
Anchorman 2 Interview Techno Banger Remix

German DJ artist and YouTuber Flula had the lucky opportunity to interview the cast of the much anticipated movie Anchorman 2

Naturally, he asked each to star for a few beat box sounds to later remix into a “techno banger.”

“Imagine you are like driving alone, and this the song you will pop in your jams as you drive.”


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Dec 192013
Jennifer Lawrence Tells Conan The Story When Her Adult Toy Collection Was Discovered

While visiting Conan, Jennifer Lawrence confessed that if she wasn’t a Hollywood star she would love to be a hotel maid. She simply loves cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms.

But most of all, she loves to snoop through people’s personal belongings. 

But aren’t you worried a maid will snoop through your belongings, Conan asked. 

That’s when Jennifer admitted that her gag collection of adult toys was embarrassingly discovered the last time she was staying at a hotel.

Naturally, the web loves this story, and now the clip is going viral. 


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Dec 192013
We Didn’t Start The Fire 2013 Celebrity Cover

What a unique and original way to review 2013

Owen Weber didn’t just make a mash up like everyone else to wrap up the year. Instead, he made this catchy cover of the Billy Joel classic We Didn’t Start The Fire, but with celebrity themed lyrics from all the pop culture hype of the past 12 months.


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Dec 182013
Macaulay Culkin Eating a Slice of Pizza

Remember Macaulay Culkin?

Well, the Home Alone actor has recently resurfaced online in this new strange video.

The clip features the 90′s star simply eating a slice of take away pizza.

That may seem odd, but the video is actually a tribute to the Andy Warhol art piece where he eats a hamburger.


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