Oct 142014
John Cleese Insults Taylor Swift’s Cat

Everyone knows that the Internet has a huge obsession with both cats and pop princess Taylor Swift. So it’s no surprise this witty clip from the Graham Norton Show on BBC America has gone viral with over 1.2 million hits! When Graham brings up how his guests John Cleese and Taylor Swift both adore cats, John took the opportunity to insult Taylor’s favorite pet. 

“Is that a proper cat?”


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Oct 142014
Shia LaBeouf Retells The Story Of His Arrest At Cabaret Broadway Show Cabaret

In case you forgot or didn’t hear, actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in June for disturbing the Broadway play Cabaret. Now that the storm has blown over, Shia has decided to reveal what really happened that night while recently chatting with Jimmy Kimmel

Don’t worry, it all ended well with a McDonald’s egg sandwich. 


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Oct 142014
Zach Galifianakis And Jimmy Fallon

Have you ever bumped into an acquaintance who always wants to hang out with you, but you’re really not that interested. You have to think on your feet and constantly make up excuses why you can’t go out with them. Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis both aren’t that interested in hanging out, but also don’t want to appear unfriendly. What results is the most ridiculous list of excuses ever.


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Oct 102014
Jimmy Fallon Has A Intense Staredown With Robert Downey Jr.

While hosting actor Robery Downey Jr. on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had an intense staredown. What is an intense staredown? The two sat on top of a snowy mountain and pondered the mysteries of the universe in complete silence. Of course, we can hear their thoughts. 


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Oct 092014
Stars Perform ‘God Only Knows’

In order to launch BBC Music in style, the BBC amassed a slew of famous names to perform a special cover of the Beach Boys. Pharrell Williams, Elton John, Lorde, and many other celebrities sang God Only Knows with a gorgeous 80-piece orchestra. Naturally, this new music video has instantly gone viral with over 3 million views already!


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