May 162014
Jimmy Fallon Plays Box Of Lies With Jennifer Lawrence

It’s no secret the Internet has a serious crush on The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence. So it’s no surprise this hilarious game of Box Of Lies she played while visiting Jimmy Fallon has gone viral. The two had to open a box and tell the other what is in it. The other player must guess if the first is telling the truth or lying. 


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May 102014
James Franco Explains His Instagram Account With David Letterman

As most Internet users know, James Franco likes to share and post very eccentric personal photos on his Instragram account. Finally, while on the Late Show with David Letterman, James explained what was going on in his head when he posted a picture of himself in his underwear among other things.  

“Why, honest to God, Why?” asked David. 


Via DailyDot

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May 092014
Kevin Durant Accepts NBA MVP

After going through some serious hard times in life, Kevin Durant has become the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, one of the greatest honors in professional athletics. He understandably became a little emotional during his acceptance speech as he explained how he continued to push forward for years no matter the obstacle. 


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May 062014
Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Word Sneak’ With Bryan Cranston

Jimmy Fallon introduced a new game on The Tonight Show to play with his guest Bryan Cranston. Called Word Sneak, the two had five random words that they had to naturally introduce into the conversation. The resulting conversation for the game was beyond outrageous. 


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