Jul 312014
Jimmy Fallon Rolls With Heidi Klum

Jimmy Fallon has pulled off what millions of young men can only dream of. While hosting German supermodel Heidi Klum on The Tonight Show, Jimmy and Heidi asked their viewers if they wanted to see how they roll. The two then rolled around on the floor in an adorable mess.


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Jul 252014
Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Breathing Helium

Everyone loves to breathe in Helium and enjoy the giggly, altered voice it causes for a few brief moments. But when someone with such a famous voice as Morgan Freeman does it, it’s viral gold! While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Morgan and Fallon enjoyed some Helium together, and now this hilarious clip is going viral as the weekend begins with over 1.5 million views already!


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Jul 242014
Jimmy Fallon And Dwayne Johnson Make Classic Workout Videos

Remember those cheesy workout videos from the 1980′s? Jimmy Fallon sure does. While hosting Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, Jimmy asked him how he got so ripped for his newest movie, Hercules. Dwayne admitted it was all thanks to the Fungo brothers, the work out video stars from the past. Jimmy and Dwayne brought the brothers back to life in these classic workout video remakes


Part 2

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Jul 212014
J.J. Abrams Shows Off New X-Wing Fighter In Charity Video

Eight weeks ago, sci-fi director J.J. Abrams announced Star Wars: A Force For Change, an initiative to support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs at OMaze. Countless fans have already participated, but to end with a bang, Abrams has offered the chance for a fan to visit the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, to be in the movie, and now to win a private screening of the movie before it is released! 


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Jul 182014
Conan O’Brien And Dave Franco Join Tinder

As most know, Tinder is the popular dating app for people interested in meeting others in their area who are looking for some fun. Conan O’Brien has been hearing a lot about Tinder from his younger staff, so he has finally decided to take the plunge. He allied with actor Dave Franco to join Tinder and go on some fun double dates together. It’s no surprise this new video has instantly gone viral as the weekend begins. 


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