Jun 022014
Today Was A Good Day On The Internet Rap Song

The Internet is its own reality where dog memes, social networks, cats, and video games rule. It’s rare that everything online goes your way though. There’s always a jerk who downvotes your posts or teabags you after you’re KOed. But if everything goes your way on the Internet? Well then that was a good day. Animation Domination sings Today Was A Good Day On The Internet based on Ice Cube’s 1992 hit song. 


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May 272014
Transformers 4 Will Probably Be Something Like This

The fourth Transformers movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, will debut next month. After three previous films, the nerds at Animation Domination High-Def have an inkling how the plot of the new movie will pan out. A random mechanic will find out his car is a secret Tranformer who will have to battle other mechanical monsters. The end. 


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May 242014
The Science Of Laziness

Ahh, it’s finally the lazy weekend. But what is it about lounging around doing nothing that feels so darn good? And why are some people more lazy than others? Asap Science explains that there is clear science backing up a so-called ‘lazy gene.’ Some people are simply more lazy than others as they crave relaxation while others crave exercise and excitement.  


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May 212014
World War 2 In 7 Minutes With Adorable Drawings Is The Cutest Way To Learn History

Educator and historian John D Ruddy has finally returned after an extended break from his last piece explaining World War I in six minutes. Now, his latest piece focuses on what has become known as the worst, most barbaric, mechanized, and evil war mankind has ever seen. World War 2. Somehow, his adorable drawings soften the cruelty of the war. Can we please just make sure WWIII never breaks out now?


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May 192014
Toy Story As A Horror Film Is Chilling

Just over a week ago, Bobby Burns went viral with his eye-opening twist on Disney’s Frozen, cutting footage of the popular film to create a terrifying trailer of what Frozen would look like as a horror flick. That video stands with over 7 million hits! After such a great success, Bobby has returned to take on Pixar’s most popular film, Toy Story. The resulting trailer for a horror Toy Story movie is simply terrifying. They need to make this for Halloween!


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