Mar 042014
Impressionist Covers 33 Simpsons Impressions In 5 Minutes

YouTube impressionist Brock Baker has covered South Park in the past. Now, he’s turned his attention to television’s original ‘vulgar’ cartoon, The Simpsons. In five minutes, he performs 33 famous Simpsons impressions that is now trending. 


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Mar 042014
The Beginning Of Everything Animation

The universe is a mystery that scientists are only beginning to understand. Thanks to Einstein and other prominent scientists, we now know the universe is not infinite. It had a beginning.

But how can something come from nothing?   

Education channel Kurzgesagt explains in this new animation.  


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Feb 282014
How Batman Begins Should Have Ended

Superhero fans instantly fell in love with the 2005 rebooted Batman trilogy that started with Batman Begins

After reviewing The Dark Knight Rises, the popular movie critics of How It Should Have Ended have returned to cover the first film of the Dark Knight trilogy.

Here’s how Batman Begins really should have ended

Ah, much better.


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Feb 232014
Censored ‘Finding Nemo’ Is Hilarious

A month ago, The Jake Vale Show went viral after adding unnecessary bleeps and distortions to Disney’s newest feature film Frozen.

That censored video now stands with over 2.9 million views!

After such a viral success, Jake is continuing his magic, and has just debuted a censored version of Finding Nemo

It’s so wrong, but so funny!


Thanks Jake!

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