Jun 022015
How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended

The new Avengers film, Age Of Ultron, was one of Disney’s most successful movies, bringing in nearly one billion dollars internationally! But as usual, the movie nerds at How It Should Have Ended weren’t exactly satisfied with the ending to the film. Thankfully, they explain how the movie should have ended in this new animation


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May 152015
Rick And Morty Join The Simpsons For Couch Gag

The new animated series Rick and Morty might be the biggest thing to come to cartoons for adults since South Park. After only one season, the show has amassed a giant cult following. In honor of their upcoming season debuting this July, Adult Swim had Rick and Morty visit the Simpsons in one of their classic ‘couch gag’ introductions.  


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May 152015
Walt Disney Recycled Animation

Programming computer animated cartoons today is still extremely difficult, but nothing can compare to the old school animation of the early 20th century. Every frame was literally drawn by hand. As a result, Disney would often reuse and recycle animations when the content overlapped, such as dancing. Mind blown! Movie Munchies put this comparative video together which is going viral. 


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May 082015
The Fermi Paradox Will Blow Your Mind

Scientists are learning more and more about our universe every year. NASA and other space agencies have confirmed that there are countless stars and planets that technically can support carbon-based life. So where are all of the aliens? Why haven’t we found any yet? The nerds at Kurz Gesagt explain the Fermi Paradox in this viral educational video.  


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May 072015
Short Animated Film Shows What The World Looks Like When Everyone Is On Their Phone

Today, everyone is on their smartphone. Even kids have smartphones. But has this trend gone too far? People are actually crashing their cars and walking into walls because they are paying more attention to their phones than the real world. 

Min Alxe shows what the world soon might look like if this trend doesn’t stop soon in this viral animated short film


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