Nov 122013
New York Times Animation Explains How Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Made With No Actual Pumpkin Anymore

As the web has seen before, pumpkins seem to invade every coffee shop and bakery every November. 

But, The New York Times explains in this new animation that all those yummy pumpkin drinks and baked goods contain less and less actual pumpkin than ever. 

So why do we all seem to buy at least one pumpkin spiced latte or doughnut every year.

It seems we can’t help but fall for the classic marketing trick McDonalds has mastered so well with their McRib.

We simply can’t resist a limited time offer. 


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Nov 092013
The Bear & The Hare John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2013

For their 2013 Christmas ad, John Lewis Retail Store commissioned this ‘delightful animated story’ of the Bear and the Hare. Two best friends. 

Sadly, the Bear never gets to enjoy Christmas and the Holiday Season, as he hibernates in the winter. But the Hare has thought of an idea to bring the magic to his friend. 

Even though Thanksgiving is three weeks away, the precious cartoon has gone viral, amassing over 1.3 million views in one day. 


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Nov 082013
Axe Cop Animation Domination

Axe Cop by Animation Domination might be even more interesting than the web famous Most Interesting Man In The World.

That’s because Axe Cop has a pet dinosaur, chops off bad guys’ heads, and can do an infinite amount of reps at the gym. The fact that he is voiced by Nick Offerman only adds to the awesome.  


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Nov 082013
Why Is Yawning Contagious

Back in May, YouTube prankster Roman Atwood traveled the world, and took advantage of his trip to get people across the globe to ‘catch’ his yawn. And it worked, as the subsequent video garnered over 4 million views.

Now, educational channel TED-Ed has gone viral with a more scientific approach to the yawn, and explains why yawning is so contagious


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Nov 042013
Woman Discusses Life With Short Term Memory Loss Animation

Remember the 2000′s movie Memento where the main character had short term memory loss and had to write everything down to remind himself of simplest things, like who his friends were? 

Gweneviere Mann has a very similar short-term memory disorder following a bumpy brain surgery to remove a tumor. 

She and her boyfriend Yasir Salem discuss the trials and tribulations of dealing with her new memory and its affect on their relationship in this touching Story Corps animation. 


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