Jan 222015
Conan And Archer Battle Russian Mobsters

Sterling Archer is of course the main character of the animated special agent series Archer. Conan tried to have him on his late night show, but that’s not really possible. So instead, Conan was animated into a fun, action-packed clip of Archer in their signature style. 

This clip has gone viral with over 900,000 hits!


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Jan 082015
Nice Guys Actually Finish First

The saying and the song goes that nice guys finish last. But that’s not exactly true explains Asap Science. In nature, ‘mean’ or anti-social animals actually don’t do as well as their social counterparts. Even humans have been found to be better off when we are nice to each other. So help each other out, and you just might be helping yourself as well. 


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Dec 312014
The Ultimate Trick To Debunk Conspiracy Theories

The Internet is a great place to educate yourself. The one problem is, there is a lot of misinformation out there. The Web is an especially popular place for spreading and propagating conspiracy theories. Some theories are worth a double take, but most are ridiculous and have no basis in reality. The educators at Kurzgesagt have devised a simple trick to debunk most conspiracies, and explain in this video


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Dec 292014
2014 In One Minute Music Video Is The Trippiest Year In Review Video Out There

Now is the time when everyone is making year in review videos. Most are serious compilations of the year’s most famous events, news stories, and Internet memes. But this outrageous video by Animation Domination High-Def is just a little bit different. The wrap up video is only one minute long, but that might be all it takes to melt your brain.


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Dec 292014
GOAT Music Video Is The Greatest Of All Time

The Internet has a lot of very strange obsessions. Cats, Taylor Swift, and My Little Pony are just a few examples. Another is the goat. For some reason, the Internet loves goats. Realizing this, Animation Domination High-Def made this ridiculous GOAT music video, which covers all of the Greatest things Of All Time. 


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