Oct 182014
How To Prepare For Second Puberty

As children, we all can’t wait to grow up. But what adults don’t tell kids is that growing up isn’t that great. Sure, we can eat all the junk food we want and stay up as late as we want, but we have work in the morning and have a slow metabolism now.  As College Humor explains, it’s all apart of something called second puberty


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Oct 092014
Simon’s Cat In ‘Scaredy Cat’

Watching a scary movie while home alone is never a good idea. Just a strong breeze outside can be terrifying. But it’s even scarier watching a scary movie at home with just the cat to keep you company. Simon learns this the hard way as his cute cat accidentally scares him during scary movie night in this silly short film, Scaredy Cat


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Oct 092014
Less People Are Dying From War Than Ever

If you read the news frequently, you may be under the impression that the world is in chaos. It seems that there are wars, conflicts, and fighting going on all the time. Kurzgesagt explains that you may be surprised to learn that the world is the most peaceful now than ever. It’s just that the few conflicts that still exist are amplified by the incredible power of modern media and the Internet. 


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Oct 022014
Animator VS Animation Part 4

Computer animator Alan Becker is famous for the classic viral video Animator vs. Animation, an entertaining clip featuring a digitally drawn stick figure who battles his creator. That clip went viral way back in 2006. Since then, Alan has continued the series which has over ten of millions of views combined.

In this most recent installment, Alan takes the story into the modern age by having the stick figure hack Alan’s Facebook and invade his iPhone.  


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Sep 302014
The Pixar Theory

Everyone loves Pixar movies. Somehow, their unique and creative films cover so many locations, stories, and characters. But what if all Pixar movies were connected in a special way? What if they all took place in the same world? Bloop Animation explains how this is possible in The Pixar Theory

Sure, it’s a little far fetched, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong…


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