Oct 272014
Everyday Is Scary Song

Kids are often scared of monsters under the bed or of ghosts in the closet. But being an adult in real life is actually much scarier. What’s more scary than having expensive insurance rates rise, or finding out you need a biopsy to find out if that lump on your neck is malignant. Animation Domination High-Def reminds viewers to remember this Halloween, monsters and goblins have got nothing on real life. 


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Oct 252014
Don’t Touch Pac-Man Animation

Pac-Man is one of the world’s most popular original video games. Kids would spend countless quarters at the local arcade trying to eat every dot before they were touched by a ghost. But what we see on the screen is only a fraction of what’s really going on deep in the video game world. Rice Pirate shows what really goes on in Pac-Man in this hilarious cartoon


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Oct 232014
What The US And Europe Think Of Each Other

The United States and Europe have been allies for decades, but the two still have some preconceived notions about each other. Most Europeans assume Americans are fat, lazy, stupid hillbillies who are constantly shooting each other. And Americans assume that Europeans are pretentious socialists with out of control taxes. Aleix Saló illustrates how the two feel about each other in this humorous animation


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Oct 232014
A Different Way To Visualize Rhythm

Most kids learn how to read a musical bar line at the beginning of their music careers. But it actually doesn’t make much sense to read music across a page. John Varney of TED-Education explains how a better to visualize rhythm is in a circle. The wheel method is a much more intuitive way to represent rhythm.  


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Oct 212014
Simpsons As Every Other Cartoon

On this year’s Simpsons Halloween special, the entire family was reincarnated as their older selves from the first episodes. But that had Lisa worried. “If there can be two reincarnations of the Simpsons, why couldn’t some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?” 

That’s when countless different versions of the Simpson family barged in the door based on other famous cartoon shows. This clip has instantly gone viral with over four million views!


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