Apr 172016
Epic Car Crash Prank

As one of YouTube’s most popular and famous pranksters, Roman Atwood can’t do anything without his friends suspecting a prank. So he had to go all out to pull a fast one on his friends. He told his buddies that he was just recording another boring vlog. Instead, he ‘accidentally’ crashed into fake garage door that he set up before. 


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Apr 162016
Batman Driving A Lamborghini Uber Prank

In big cities across the country and the world, Uber has become the number one choice for taxi services. Who wants to wait forever for a rude taxi driver to pick them up when an Uber only takes seconds to pull up in a nice, normal car?

As a fun gag, YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin rented a sweet Lamborghini and shocked Uber riders who were expecting him to pick them up in a boring, little Prius C. For the icing on the cake, he dressed as Batman, apparently in honor of Lenny Robinson, the charitable man who visited sick children dressed as the Dark Knight. 

In just three weeks, this video has gone viral with over 4.4 million hits!


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Apr 152016
How To Drift In Any Car

To drift in a car, you usually need a skilled driver with a rear wheel drive sports car. But The Proclivity To Imagine has figured out a simple way to drift in nearly any common car, even a minivan. All you need is two small square pieces of wood.

Of course, he warns viewers not to try this at home..


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Apr 132016
Impatient Dog Hanks Car Horn

When we’re left in the car to wait for someone else we can’t help to honk a couple times. Apparently, this dog learned that trick. According to the owner, the dog loves going for a car ride, but obviously doesn’t like to be kept waiting. 

Now, this video from last Winter has gone viral with over 900,000 new views!


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Apr 122016
Tesla Autopilot Saves Driver From Side Impact With Truck

Even small trucks on the highway must be greatly respected. With a human driver behind the wheel, it’s not if, but when, a mistake will be made. Joshua Brown experienced just that while driving in his brand new Tesla Model S. 

Or should we say, the Tesla was driving him. While cruising with autopilot on, the Model S quickly hit the brakes and jerked the car to the right, out of the way of a work truck that was merging right into his blind spot. Thankfully, the autopilot worked wonders and no accident occurred. This video has gone viral with over 500,000 hits!


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