May 302015
Alligator VS Truck Has Surprise Ending

The alligator has one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom. Once they bite down on their prey there is little hope for escape. One truck driver learned this the hard way. Keet246 had a stand off with a gator hiding in the tall grass while he was driving his truck. He thought there was nothing to worry about as he was in his safe truck. That’s when the gator chomped down on the truck’s front bumper and instantly tore it to shreds. This shocking nature video has gone viral this weekend with over 4 million views!


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May 272015
Car Boards Ship Driving Over Thin Planks

Definitely don’t try this one at home! This video published by Ice Bonbon was posted online with zero context except that it features a car attempting to board a ship going over two narrow planks. The entire time, viewers are anxiously waiting for disaster to strike. Incredibly, it never does. This clip has instantly gone viral with over 2.8 million views!


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May 212015
Car Singalong Ends In Disaster After Tire Explodes

Whenever you decide to go for a drive on the highway, you should always check your tires with a tire gauge. At minimum at least perform a visual inspection to make sure there are no cracks in the sides and rubber looks properly inflated. Still, your tires are not impenetrable. Marco Ferro was going for a drive with his friends recording a car singalong when one of the car tires exploded! Thankfully, they were all OK.

“We’re not posting that video!” Yet, we’re all watching it…


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May 182015
Stranger Buys Cop Car For Son Of Fallen Officer

Tanner was only 15 when his father, Weld County Sheriff Deputy Sam Brownlee, was killed in the line of duty during a police car chase in 2010. With what little money he had, Tanner wanted to buy his father’s Dodge Charger police cruiser as a keepsake which was being held at a police auction. He was upset when he was outbid, but only for a moment, because the winner of the car who he had never met before walked right up to him and gave him the keys. This touching story by 7 NEWS – The Denver Channel has gone viral with over 350,000 views this weekend!


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May 172015
Blowing Up Granny’s Car Prank

Roman Atwood knows how much his grandmother’s car means to her, so he decided to have a little fun. He told her he needed the car for a gun shooting scene he was filming, but that the car wouldn’t be damaged. Of course, the car exploded on ‘accident.’

This is the second time Roman pranked his granny, so to make things right, he surprised her with a brand new Chrysler. 


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