Oct 012014
Crazy Driver Drivers Over Rising Drawbridge

This clip posted by Serendipity has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 hits! The short video features a daring woman who was in such a hurry she drove over the Tisno Drawbridge as it was rising up. Luckily, she made it across without any serious harm to her, her car, or others. If the road was any higher the story might not have ended so well. 


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Sep 302014
The Dancing Traffic Light

Everyone hates waiting at the pedestrian traffic light. Many simply run across the street when they find a break in traffic. But that’s not safe. To make waiting more pleasant, Smart Car invented the dancing traffic light. Instead of featuring a static ‘red man’ as the don’t walk symbol, their dancing light showcases a real, dynamic dancing man. The dance was actually created in real time by dancing volunteers. 

This video was published in the summer, but it has only gone viral now with over 6 million new views!


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Sep 222014
Giving A Veteran A Ride In A Ferrari

YouTuber Whatever got his hands on a Ferrari F430 for the day, and decided to pick up random people waiting at the bus stop and give them a free ride they would never forget. One of the people he picked up was an older man who had just gone to the hospital. He turned out to be a Vietnam veteran, and ended up being the most interesting person to be picked up. This video featuring the veteran is now trending. 


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Sep 182014
Gyroscope Maksimatic Cup Holder Saves Cups From Spilling In The Car

Is there anything worse than driving with a nice cup of soda or coffee filled to the brim only for the cup to spill during a sharp turn or short stop? The Maksimatic Cup Holder wants to make that problem history. The unique cup holder is basically a gyroscope so the cup moves with the liquid during turns and bursts of sudden acceleration or deceleration. Other similar products exist, but this commercial demo for the Maksimatic Cup Holder has still gone viral with almost half a million views already!


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Sep 182014
Luxury Limo Van Is Pure Bliss

German luxury can maker Klassen specializes in luxury and premium van limousines for business. This model can actually stretch on command, and features a plethora of premium and high-end features. There are countless remote folding cubbies, screens, and even a secret safe to hide expensive goodies.


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