Mar 052016
Two Grannies Drive A Lamborghini

Around the world, the Lamborghini is considered one of the rarest, most expensive, and beautiful sports cars around. Unless you live in a rich, large metropolitan area like LA or New York, you’ve most likely never even seen one. 

That inspired Donut Media to rent a Lambo and give the keys to two grannies to see how passersby react. This video has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million views!


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Mar 032016
Guy Goes On A Road Trip Around The US With Stranger

Have you ever wanted to see as much of our great country as possible? This guy decided to just do it. So he found a stranger online who would go adventuring with him on a road trip around the country. 

They set up the website Internet Adventure Club, and had others give them missions to fulfill during their journey.


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Feb 242016
Fedex Truck Driver Performs Perfect Reverse Parking Into Narrow Garage

Many people struggle just backing up into a parking space. And they have a backup camera. But this FedEx truck driver is a true pro. Not only can he back up his truck perfectly, but he can perform the move while turning into an extremely narrow garage door. 


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Feb 202016
Mercedes Catches Fire On Highway, Driver Freaks Out

In the rare event your car catches on fire, it’s fair to freak out. But this driver still may have taken his outburst a little too far. While driving his brand new Mercedes over the the Glenn Jackson Bridge on I-205, the hood of his car began to smoke. 

Soon, the entire car was engulfed in flames! 


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Feb 182016
The Price Is Right Contestant Wins Aston Martin

Without a doubt, the most popular prize on The Price Is Right is a brand new car. But most cars are compact or midsize cars. One contestant had the very rare opportunity to win an Aston Martin luxury sports car.

The best part? She won the car on her first try playing the game Spelling Bee.


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