Oct 042015
Dog Drives Little Boy In Toy Car

Everyone loves seeing a dog acting like a human. But this isn’t a picture or cartoon, this is real life! Jessica Wolf‘s dog Daisy is apparently a lot smarter than other dogs. Just watch as she drives Jessica’s son Oliver around in their electric toy car. Don’t worry, mom controlled the accelerator, but still it’s impressive that Daisy can steer


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Oct 032015
Jay Leno Goes Undercover As An Uber Driver

Many people aren’t aware that when Uber originally launched it was only focused on offering luxury rides. Even though he has passed the torch of The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon a while ago, Jay Leno is still pretty famous and recognizable. So will people realize their Uber Black driver is actually Jay??


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Sep 302015
This Is What Happens When Bear Spray Goes Off In The Car On The Highway

If you are confronted by a bear in the wild, your chances of survival are pretty slim. Besides for a good shotgun, the second best thing to defend yourself is a big can of bearspray, a super strong form of pepper spray. Of course, that means when it goes off in the car you’re in the bad stuff pretty deep. Thankfully, this driver had the sense to pull over before he was completely overwhelmed. 


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Sep 282015
Adorable Baby Loves The Car Radio Loud

These days, kids are growing up with technology all around them. It’s no surprise many kids are learning how to use an iPad or computer before they can even talk. This cute baby can barely stand up on his own, but he that doesn’t stop him from turning the car radio way up! Crank it! This adorable video has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


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Sep 232015
Dashcamera Captures Moment Small Airplane Lands On Busy California Avenue

Now that cameras are so prevalent everywhere these days, more and more unique and otherwise ridiculous random scenes are being captured on film. That’s exactly what happened to one driver in Orange county California. While waiting at a red light, their dash camera recorded a small two seater plane landing on Red Hill Avenue in Irvine! The plane experienced a malfunction and the pilot was forced to perform an emergency landing. Thankfully, no one was injured. Great landing job by the pilot! 


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