Jun 302014
Captain America Statistics Song

America used to be renown around the world for its vibrant economy, advanced healthcare, and strong education system. Sadly, we have fallen a bit from those good old days. In honor of Independence Day, Animation Domination sings the Captain America Statistics Song to explain just how bad things have become in a fun song. Happy Fourth of July!


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Mar 282014
Cool Facts About Captain America

Hollywood has a new Superhero to obsess over. Well, he’s really an old Superhero. Captain America actually debuted way back in the 40′s. 

In honor of the new film hitting theaters next week, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, list group All Time 10′s made this list of cool facts about the American hero. 


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Oct 252013
Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer

Captain America is back!

Which is no surprise as even the marginally successful films almost always have a sequel these days. We’re looking at you Garfield 2 and Smurfs 2. (WTF movie studios?)

But staying on topic, Chris Evans returns as Captain America some time after the events in New York with The Avengers, and joins forces with the Black Widow and the Falcon to kick some Winter Soldier butt. 

The movie debuts April 4, 2014. 


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Apr 302013

At the start of April, new channel on the block Awe Me Channel went viral with their 3D Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art video, which currently stands with over 575,000 hits

But they are much better known for their popular Man At Arms series where master swordsmith and renowned propmaster, Tony Swatton, creates iconic weaponry from Hollywood.

Tony has already collected over a million views for his Adventure Time sword video, and another 750,000 hits forging the Game of Thrones sword.

Now, as the series continues, Tony has heeded the voices of his fans, and made a very real and functioning Captain America’s shield.


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Mar 212012

The Internet’s official tearjerker, TheWelcomeHomeBlog, features special videos of military personal reuniting with their family. This very special Captain America one from two weeks ago just had a new surge of viewership.

Dressed at Captain America, this military dad returned to surprise his young son, who was also dressed as the Captain, for birthday. Cole was trilled that the Captain America came to visit. He was even more thrilled when he found out that his dad was working the third shift as a superhero. 


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