Oct 022015
Canadian Workers Cheer After They Discover They Won The Lottery

Many small companies buy into the lottery as a fun group game. No one ever expects to really win. But one small Canadian business won! Dennis Cartier, who organized the lottery group play, managed to stay quiet until he held a company board meeting and announced the great news that the 12 of them would be sharing $60 million! Naturally, they all cheered and laughed. 


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Sep 252015
Canada Hiker Defends Himself From Two Cougars

Canadian hiker Donny Stone was going for a run in Northern Alberta when he stumbled into a very serious situation. Two cougars were directly in his path. As he is an experienced hiker, he thankfully went out packed with bear spray and a bear banger, a very loud flare used to scare off big predators. While recording, he was charged by one cougar and successfully sprayed it down. “Well that was scary,” he chuckled. This intense scene has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Sep 092015
Doggy Day At The Public Pool Is Adorable

Every pet owner knows that dogs love the water. Sadly, most of us don’t own our own pool and the public pool has a strict no pets allowed rule. But in Calgary, Canada they make a special exception at the end of the summer. As the water is going to be drained anyways, they invited the public to bring their dogs to the pool for a fun day in the water. So cute! 


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Aug 122015
Canadian Guy Makes The Most Epic Political Ad Ever

In America, politic ads seem to always follow the same formula. Either the candidate will brag about their accomplishments and strengths, or they will simply attack and smear their opponents. Canadian Wyatt Scott is running for parliament as an independent candidate for Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon in British Columbia and he decided to make a very unique ad that is going viral. Hilarious! 


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Jul 132015
Road Rage In Canada Is Simply Adorable

Road rage can be a scary, serious issue. There are countless videos online as proof. But things are always nicer in Canada. CBC News just happened to be interviewing a police officer on an overpass when the cameraperson noticed there were two motorists stopped on the highway underneath them arguing. Adorably, the cop called the two drivers “boys” and told them to get back in their cars.  


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