Nov 232014
Sprinkler During Canadian Winter Is Basically A Fog Machine

The Internet has seen what happens when you throw a cup of boiling water when the temperatures are far below zero outside. The water instantly turns to snow. But Al Paul and his Canadian family have taken this concept to the next level. When an arctic blast took temperatures down to -50 degrees, the family set up the sprinkler and turned it on. Not a drop of water came out. Instead, it turned into an instant fog machine! Awesome!


Via TwentyTwoWords.

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Nov 212014
Canadians Finish Singing US National Anthem After Technical Difficulties During Hockey Game

Canada and America are so close that both national anthems are sung during hockey games between American and Canadian teams. During the Nashville Predators and Toronto Maple Leafs game last Tuesday in Canada, the speaker system stopped working properly during the Star Spangled Banner. The Canadians didn’t miss a bit to help sing the proud American anthem. 

Now, this video by Bagabus has gone viral with over 1.4 million views!


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Nov 122014
Crazy Canadian Riding Motorcycle On Snowy Road

While driving down a snowy back road in New Brunswick, JD Fowler couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a man riding a motorcycle, even though there had just been a snow storm and it was freezing out. No big deal. Just another regular day in good old Canada. 


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Nov 042014
River Boarder Rescues Trapped Squirrel

River boarder Thomas Paterson was traveling down a stream in Ottawa, Canada when he noticed a cute squirrel trapped on some rocks. The little guy was stranded as the surrounding waters were too rough to swim through. Thomas decided to rescue the little guy and transport the squirrel to dry land. 


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Oct 192014
Weather Report Falls Apart When Weatherman Brings Dog On The Air

It may have originally seemed like a good idea during prep work. The producers must have thought it would be adorable for their weatherman Mike Sobel to bring Ripple the very excited dog on with him during his weather report to raise awareness for the Edmonton Humane Society. But Ripple wasn’t interested in the weather. He wanted to to play! The report quickly fell apart, and now this hilarious clip by Global News is going viral!


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