Jun 302014
Molson Beer Fridge Only Opens If You Can Sing The Canadian National Anthem

As a beer proudly brewed in Canada, Molson Canadian is very patriotic. In honor of Canada Day this year, the Canadian beer company built a very special beer fridge. It would only open if the eager drinker was able to sing O Canada, the Canadian national anthem. 


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Jun 252014
Kayaker Witnesses Ocra

While kayaking at Ford Cove near Hornby Island, B.C. Canada, Louis Jobidon was nearly capsized. Not by severe weather, but by a giant orca killer whale. Thankfully, the whale breached the surface of the water just a couple feet from him, and left him untouched.


Via 22Words

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Jun 162014
Two Runners Encounter Black Bear While Hiking In Canada

If you’re not prepared to engage a wild animal, it’s best not to go in the woods. Two Canadian runners encountered a black bear while on a nature jog and didn’t know what to do. After four long, suspenseful minutes of walking away, the bear finally broke off. Viewers can’t help but note that the worst thing to do during a bear encounter is to walk away. Stand your ground, make a lot of noise, and raise your arms! Thankfully, the runners were able to escape to their car unscathed. 


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Apr 212014
Air Canada Baggage Handlers Caught Throwing Luggage

When you check your luggage during a flight you expect the baggage handlers to treat your property with respect and courtesy. But that’s not exactly what a few baggage handlers of Air Canada were caught doing outside a jet preparing for takeoff. 

Passenger TheDStewart99 saw right outside his seat window how handlers were throwing carry-on luggage that had to be relocated. 

Now, the video has gone viral over the weekend with over one million views, and the workers may lose their jobs


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