Oct 162011

Ever wonder what life looks like from the perspective of a dog? Well, even if you didn’t, here’s your answer. When you’re a short Pug, you have to look up to see everything. But people also stop and look down at how precious you are. 


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Oct 152011

This video going viral in Germany and on Gizmodo features a brand new ball camera. The ball is outfitted with 36 mini cameras, and when the user throws the ball in the air, the ball takes a full panorama photo at its highest point that can be viewed on a computer. Very cool. 


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Aug 032011

Remember the swordsmen who went viral when they attached a camera to the end of a sword? Well, more people are creating crazy effects with today’s new smaller and sturdier cameras. One skateboarder attached a GoPro camera underneath his board and skated around New York City. The board seems to stay still while the ground moves. It’s a crazy effect. The video is featured on LaughingSquid and Devour


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Jun 252011

So you’re in France recording the sites and you put your camera down for a moment to get yourself in the shot. It’s a perfectly normal premise. That’s until a seagull steals the camera while it’s still rolling. When it first grabs the GoPro you can hear the owner yell at the buzzard in pursuit. The bird walks around a bit, gives a squawk, and, finally, puts it down. I can’t stop laughing when the bird honks.


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