Sep 172013
Dancing Queen At The Bus Stop

This original video by Jane Rowland, posted in April, is trending again now. Now, according to the publisher, the video has become a “worldwide Internet sensation.”

The clip, appropriate titled Dancing Queen At The Bus Stop, features a woman performing a subtle dance while waiting at the bus stop. The dancing is only enhanced by Abba’s Dancing Queen playing in the background. 

Now, the viral video has amassed over 400,000 views, and continues to trend through the week. 


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Sep 022013
Water Trapped In Bus Double Pane Window

This quirky video by Andreas Roedl was actually posted in 2012, but it has only exploded online now, instantly garnering over 150,000 hits over the weekend. 

While travelling on bus, the camera-person noticed water in between the two glazed windows by their seat. The water became especially hypnotic once the bus was on its way.


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Jun 242013

London is one of the world’s most famous cities, renown for their tea, Buckingham Palace guards, and of course, their double-decker buses. 

Pepsi Max collaborated with British magician Dynamo to present this instantaneous viral video, Bus Levitation.

Impossibly, Dynamo levitates on the side of one of London’s icon double-decker buses as it rolls through the timeless town with only his left hand seemingly supporting his entire body. 


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Jun 072013

To promote their new Photoshop software, Adobe commissioned a hilarious prank at a bus stop that they set up with a flat screen TV billboard.

With a lightening fast Photoshop ‘magician’ hidden, they took pictures of waiting travelers, ‘shopped the photos into something hilarious or ridiculous, and then sent the image to the billboard in the bus stop for the travelers to be shocked and amused by. 


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May 222013

The First of April was nearly two months ago, but this straggler April Fools prank video by Kurtec01 has only been posted now, quickly amassing over 200,000 views.

In the prank video, a school bus driver quiets the bus to tell the students an announcement. He claims that because of special circumstances he was going to drop them off as usual, only this time the students would immediately board back onto the bus to be taken back home. 

“Apparently, you have another day of Spring Break,” he ended with to which the students erupted into a fit of cheers and screams. 

The screaming seems to go on forever until a couple students start to get a little suspicious. Slowly, the cheering calms among the doubtful until the driver jumps and screams, “Who said? What’s today’s date? April Fools! I got everyone of you!”

Naturally, the children break out into an even greater fit of fury and screams. 

Shrieks of “I hate you!” and “WTH?!” can be heard as the driver laughs and laughs at the misery of the children be taken off to school. 


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