Mar 132014
Adorable Bunny Rabbit Gets Angry When The Petting Stops

This adorable bunny rabbi is spoiled rotten. In a cute way.

Whenever his Japanese owner Spica Sirius stops petting him, he has a bunny temper tantrum. Just like a spoiled toddler, the rabbit growls and stomps his feet until he gets more pets.

More pets! 


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Feb 172014
Stampede Of Bunnies Swarming Girl Is The Cutest Thing Ever

This adorable video has gone viral after being posted on Facebook by Yu Yu Lam Lam, and has already appeared on DailyPicks, 22Words, and Gawker

While visiting the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima, a stampede of bunny rabbits swarmed Yu Yu who held yummy snacks. They don’t call it Rabbit Island for nothing. 

Best petting zoo ever!


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Dec 252013
Rabbit Nods Yes For Veggy Treat

Dogs, cats, and rats aren’t the only pets that can perform tricks. 

Bahnny‘s adorable bunny rabbit, Uffa, apparently taught herself a new trick. When asked if she would like a veggy treat, Uffa amazingly nods yes.



Found on the ViralViral Forums

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Sep 132012

This video, simply titled ‘Bunny Loves Balloon,’ was originally published in August, but has only gone viral now.  caught a bunny rabbit seemingly chasing and playing with a pink balloon. But quickly things turn very ‘adult’ when the bunny decides to straddle the balloon. Thankfully, it pops before anything gets too serious. 

Now, the video has been featured on PawNation, Reddit, VideoSift, and CafeMom


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Jun 062011

Japanese are more scared of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis than ever after the discovery of a rabbit born without ears. The cameraman who caught the rabbit on camera claims it was born near the Fukushima radiation leak. Now people are worried about human mutations. The video is from RussiaToday via TheDailyWhat.


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