Feb 062014
How To Make A Mind Blowing Rolling Illusion Toy

The Web’s most famous illusionist, Brusspup, demonstrates how to make his latest illusion–based on the Sin that was designed by Peer Clahsen–for viewers at home in his latest video

All you need is some glue, sand paper, and two styrofoam rings. Glue the rings together as demonstrated and you’re in business. Paint them with glow in the dark paint for even more fun!


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Dec 232013
T-Rex Illusion Is Always Straing Into To Your Soul

This new optical illusion by popular YouTuber Brusspup is creepy to say the least. 

No matter how you look at this T-Rex cut out, it always seems to be staring right at you. Deep into your soul. 

You thought one was bad? How about an army of eight Rexes staring you down?


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Dec 112013
Amazing Animated Optical Illusions Part 6

Popular online illusionist Bruss Pup has finally returned with a new episode in his viral Animated Optical Illusions series. 

As usual, he creates amazing animated illusions by slowly moving a pinstripe paper over a stationary image. 

How’d he do that??


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Oct 292013
How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

Tired of your coworkers or roommates looking over your shoulder at your computer screen?

Prominent online illusionist Brusspup has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a secret, cloaked computer monitor that only the user can see with special polarizing glasses. 

Starting with a used monitor, he delicately removed the screen’s polarizing filter. Without it, all that the human eye can see is white.

He then simply outfitted a pair of glasses with new polarizing filters, and, viola, only the person wearing the special glasses can see what’s on screen!


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Sep 052013
Clear Water Instantly Turns Black In Incredible Chemical Reaction

Brusspup, one of YouTube’s top scientists, has returned to debut an Incredible Chemical Reaction that seems to border on magic. 

After dissolving sodium sulfate and citric acid, and sodium iodate in two separate cups of water, the host mixes the two and in just a matter of seconds, the perfectly clear water turns pitch black instantaneously. The reaction is actually well known in the chemistry world, and is more commonly called the iodine clock reaction.


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