Jun 202013

George is the warehouse manager at Metro Food Distribution. Every week George leads a team of volunteers to help give out special food packages to needy families on the tiny Rockaway strip of Queens, New York. 

Even when they give 110%, there are often more needy families waiting in line, especially after Hurricane Sandy. 

Thankfully, Toyota has stepped in to offer a boost. Using their renown production system, or TPS, they helped Metro become an efficient charity machine.

Just the distribution process alone was cut from three hours to less than ninety minute.

For the icing on the cake, Toyota is donating one meal to the food bank of New York for every view of this video, so pass it along. 


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Jun 172013

For their latest improv-social experiment, the talented and popular improv crew of Improv Everywhere turned a regular bar in Brooklyn into a timewarp to the 1860′s. 

With the help of the BBC America series Copper, the bar decor, bartender, patrons and more were transformed to look and act like it was the year 1865.

Then they invited unsuspecting friends to unknowingly go back in time. Naturally, the first thing they do is take out their smartphones to record. 


Also, walking into a bar full of people dressed and acting like it is the 1860′s happens all the time in Williamsberg. 


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Apr 242013

Remember Jimmy McMillan who ran for president in 2012? He went viral across the web, and spread like fire through pop culture for his awesome ‘The Rent Is Too Damn’ slogan.

Now, the Vietnam vet from Brooklyn has his eyes on Mayor Bloomberg, and is running for Mayor of New York City. To kick off his campaign, he and Animal New York just published this epic Rent Is Too Damn High


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Jan 032013

For last HalloweenNasha Lina‘s friend Eric Harvey went as a ‘funky tangerine,’ taking inspiration from both the Lorax and Oompa Loompas. But only now has his funky dance in their Brooklyn apartment started to trend.  


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Nov 132012

Popular sketch comedy group  decided to make their favorite breakfast shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the focus of their latest video. Sam, the owner at Bagelteria Café, was always nice to them, so as a thank you, they made this dubstep themed commercial for the bagel shop. 


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