Feb 092014
Walter White Facebook Look Back Movie

By now, most users are tired of the nostalgic Facebook Look Back videos that litter their Newfeeds.

But Breaking Bad fans are loving this parody Look Back video by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues that shows what Walter White’s Look Back would look like if he had a Facebook account. 

The video has garnered over 350,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Nov 282013
The Real Walter White Documentary

The name Walter White has become well known after the success of Breaking Bad. But before the show even premiered in 2008, the real Walter White was already cooking some of the best illegal substances in rural parts of Alabama. 

The alternative media crew of VICE investigates the real Walter in this viral documentary that has garnered over 600,000 hits in one day. 


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Oct 252013
Dad’s Epic Reaction To Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale

Stellar476‘s dad is a little late to the Internet’s Breaking Bad party that ended weeks ago, but that’s OK. Now he can marathon the entire show at his pleasure. 

While dad was wrapping up the epic climax of the season 4 finale, Stellar had the intuition to take out his camera to record his dad’s reaction. 

He wasn’t disappointed, and neither was the Internet, as the reaction clip has gone viral after being posted on YouTube and featured on Reddit.

The video quickly amassed over 100,000 views in just one day, and is starting to pop up across the web, such as on Joe, DailyPicks, UpRoxx, and Metro



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Sep 282013
Breaking Bad Walking Dead Mash Up

Two of the most popular action-drama shows on cable television these days is, of course, AMC’s Breaking Bad and Walking Dead

College Humor figured that the two great shows actually had more in common than most viewers realized, so they brought the two together in marriage with this Breaking Bad Walking Dead Mash Up that is trending across the web. 


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Sep 252013
‘Homeless Man’ Does Breaking Bad Impressions

Corey Webb claims to have found a homeless man who can perform great Breaking Bad impressions on the streets. Though his act is entertaining, the web isn’t fooled. 

Viewers were immediately suspicious of his well trimmed beard, overall clean body, and extensive knowledge of the popular cable show. 

YouTuber Mckenzie Wallace explains that the ‘homeless man’ was a friend of his in school who is an actor. 

Redditor Tony Ttark Kinda corroborates, and claims to have gone to college with the actor, offering a link to his IMBD profile

We’re on to you Miles Allen.

Either way, the video has been a success as Miles has gone viral, already amassing over a quarter million instant views!


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