Oct 262015
Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn’t love seals? They’re basically just dogs who live in the water. One lucky boater had the amazing opportunity to play with a seal when one literally jumped out from the cold waters onto his boat. The cute seal ended up cuddling with the man long enough for him to record this precious viral clip published by America’s Funniest Home Videos.


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Sep 252015
Little Girl Catches Epic Bass Using Toy Barbie Fishing Pole

Most kids go fishing with their dads as a fun way to spend the day. They rarely catch anything at all using their kiddie size fishing pole, and if they do manage to get a bite it’s usually a very small fish. That is not the case here. Little Avery caught a fish that a veteran fisher would be proud to brag about. She hauled in an epic 20 inch long, five pound bass. The fact that she caught it all by herself using her toy Barbie fishing pole is just icing on the cake. Dad couldn’t be prouder, and now this video has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 012015
Fishermen Save Kittens In Water

Many fishermen go after catfish to make a delicious fried dish. But while the two fishermen of Alabama Adventures were out on the water fishing for catfish, they caught something a little bit different. They found two kittens swimming in the water! Thankfully, they pulled the two kitties out and saved them. So cute! This video has instantly gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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Aug 052015
Boater Freaks Out When Pod Of Whales Breach Right Next To Him

Brad Rich was boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska on when they noticed some whale activity. After he grabbed his camera, the ocean became eerily calm. Finally, a large pod of whales breached right next to his boat while they were feeding. Understandably, he completely freaked out by the gorgeous scene and was thrilled that he captured it on video


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Jul 202015
Remote Control Toys Battle

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have covered trick shots for nearly every sport imaginable. But the creative crew is always thinking of something new. So for their latest project, they held an epic remote control car and boat battle tournament where they attempted to outdo each other in games, like RC car bowling, RC boat fishing, and more! Some of these games need to become professional sports!


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