Jun 222014
Drone Records Teriffying Yacht Fire

Kurt Roll is a sailor and avid RC aircraft flyer. While flying his drone around the San Diego harbor he noticed black smoke rising in the distant. He quickly flew his camera equipped drone to check out the emergency. What he discovered is every boater’s nightmare: a yacht had caught fire and was engulfed in flames.  


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Jun 162014
First Person View Doing Final Check On Fighter Jet Before Taking Off Aircraft Carrier

Ever wonder what goes down before a fighter jet takes off an aircraft carrier? Now’s your chance to get an up-close and personal view of the action. Mitchell wore a helmet camera while doing a final check on one of the jets of the Navy’s Strike Fighter Squadron 87 on board the USS George H. W. Bush just before it took off. The subsequent video has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 092014
The Ultraskiff Is The Fishing Boat Of The Future

These days, our phones, cars, and watches are high tech, so why not our fishing boats? Finally, Ultraskiff Inc has invented the fishing boat of the future. The Ultraskiff Angler 360 is a circular smart boat for one that makes fishing easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Just check out their new commercial.


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Jun 062014
Girl Demonstrates Trick To Recover Sunken Canoe

It’s a perfect time to go boating or canoeing now that the weather is warmer. But be careul, canoeing isn’t that easy. Even if you are experienced, it is easy to tip the canoe over. So what are you supposed to do when your canoe is sunken, full of water?

Thankfully, this little girl demonstrates a trick to fix this problem. By balancing on the edges of the boat, she tips it back and forth to slow but surely splash all of the water out. Impressive! 


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May 152014
Footage From Camera Aboard Sinking Boat Is Terrifying

Little Deeper Charters Inc published this video back in September, but it has only gone viral now over the past few weeks. Being stuck on a large sinking ship is a nightmare most people would not like to experience. But in case you would like to see just how chilling it can be, watch this video.

The Pocahontas, also known as the Danny, sank outside Lake Worth over a year ago, and a camera on board captured the terrifying scene. Now, viewers can’t help but watch what it would be like to go under with a ship.



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