Feb 252014
Giant Boat Rides Through Stormy Seas Off Coast Of Ireland

On Sunday, Stev Golden posted this video taken from the captain’s point of view of a giant 62 meters long boat as it traveled through stormy seas off the southern coast of Ireland. 

Winds reached over 100 mph and the waves grew as tall as 17 meters high. The waves get more and more wild as the video progresses.

Now, the clip stands with over half a million views!


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Feb 102014
Giant Shipping Boat Passing Under Bridge Is Mesmerizing

Have you ever wondered where all those semi-trucks on the highway get their load? Odds are more than a couple semis you pass by are hauling freight from a shipping boat.

And there are few shipping boats in the world larger than the Arnold Maersk.

Jeff Bird captured the giant 1155 feet long and 138 feet wide boat passing under a bridge on camera in 2012, but the video is only trending now. 

All the mesmerizing clip needs is the Imperial March music from Star Wars.


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Jan 282014
Giant Cruise Liner ‘Parks’ In Between Two Ships On The Coast

What happens when boats get ‘sick and old?’

They are disassembled on land.

This viral video posted by Ender Ozer demonstrates exactly what the engineers do to take a giant cruise ship out of commission. They delicately ‘park’ it on the coast into the mud. 


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Jan 192014
Cargo Ship Tips Over To Dump Lumber

The transport ship Seaspan Harvester in British Columbia, Canada has a very unique way of delivering its load of lumber.

Instead of using a crane or other heavy machinery to unload its haul, the boat literally tips over at a 45 degree angle, and dumps its cargo of wood into the water.


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