Oct 302013
Swordfish Jumps Into Boat, Fisherman Jumps Out

This ridiculous video posted online by Dugomo has gone viral with over 1.6 million views since Sunday. 

While reeling in a giant marlin, the dangerous sea-creature ended up making the job easier by jumping directly onto the boat’s deck. But one of the fishermen had to literally jump overboard to prevent being stabbed by the fish’s sharp sword-like nose. 


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Oct 282013
Sleeping Boater Is Awoken By Bumping Into Old Shipwreck

While taking a nice relaxing boat ride with his friend, one Norwegian man took the opportunity to grab a quick nap on the peaceful waters. 

But his friend had other plans as he took them directly to an old, spooky ship wreck. The napper was abruptly awoken when their boat softly crashed into the creepy ship wreck.

Pacman2600 translates the man as appropriately yelling, ”Where the hell have you brought us! Don’t you see ships sink here!”


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Oct 162013
Ocean Waves Toss Man Around Boat’s Living Room

Like the Starship Enterprise, it seems the engineers of this boat‘s living quarters also forgot to include seat belts, or even bolt the furniture down. 

The riders realized this the hard way after stormy seas literally threw one man around the room like a fish out of water.

The ridiculous clip by posted online Kassidy1964 is trending after being featured by popular sites, such as TheAwesomer, VideoSift, and b3ta.

Regular viral videos viewers might be reminded of another speedboat video


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Sep 062013
700 Ton Ship Flips And Stands Upright In The Ocean

Rick Scheu posted this video in April, but it is trending now more than ever with over 465,000 views.

The video features a very special type of ship that functions as an open ocean research vessel owned by the Office of Naval Research and operated by the Marine Physical Laboratory of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 

The 335 foot long vessel can flip upright and seemingly stand in the water in order to conduct research concerning wave science. 


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Aug 192013

While visiting Frenchy’s restaurant in Clearwater beach, Florida, Red Line Charters swears he met the world’s best dock line handler. And the Internet seems to agree. 

Linda can tie a dock line in just a matter of seconds with just a couple wiggles of her wrist. Now, this video that was posted in January is trending more than ever. 


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