May 272014
The Blind Woman Who Saw Rain

Milena Channing became blind after a suffering stroke at 29 years old. She simply woke up at the hospital and all she could ‘see’ was darkness. Nothingness. But after a while she started to see faint images. She could see the wisps of steam from her coffee cup. The rain drops as they fell. The doctors first said it was just her imagination, but after her visions became more vivid doctors in Canada figured out what was actually going on. This NPR story will surprise you and touch your soul. Read more on NPR.  


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May 122014
Blind Dog Plays Fetch By Listening And Smelling

Kellar the dog was born completely blind, but that hasn’t stopped the three year old English Springer from playing fetch like any other dog. He just uses his ears and nose to find the ball instead of his eyes. His owner will call out directions to him, and surprisingly, he seems to understand. 


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Apr 182014
What Is Beauty For The Blind

Most people associate beauty with what they see. A beautiful sunset, an attractive looking person, or a famous painting. But what if you can’t see anything at all? How do the blind see beauty?

BuzzFeed asked a group of blind people what beauty meant to them. What they answered will inspire you.  


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Feb 122014
Blind Man Is Also A Card Trick Master

Don’t let Richard Turner fool you.

Though he became blind as a young child, he has truly mastered playing cards. He can perform mind blowing magic card tricks, cheat even the sharpest gamblers right in front of their noses, and more. 

“For years, I practiced 10 to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

His lesson for all: choose an art and master it. 

“No matter what hand you are dealt, let no one tell you what can’t be done,” says an inspired Charlie Rose of CBS This Morning.  


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Jan 122014
Norwegian Association Of The Blind PSA Demonstrates Why Seeing Eye Dogs Are Better Than The Alternatives

For some terrible reason, people in Norway apparently don’t take too kindly to seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

The Norwegian Association of the Blind and TRY Apt explain that it ‘could have been worse’ in this commercial from May that has gone viral recently.

What if that blind person in your cab had a sheep service animal? Or that blind shopper had a duck


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