Dec 052013
Oh Come, Emmanuel Cover By Lindsey Stirling And Kuha’o Case

Popular violinist Lindsey Stirling teamed up with self-taught blind pianist Kuha’o Case for her latest music video. 

Together, they perfectly blend their talents to cover the timeless classic Oh Come, Emmanuel.   


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Oct 312013
Growing Up Blind

The web’s most prominent blind YouTuber, Tommy Edison, discusses what it was like growing up blind from birth in his latest video. 

“A lot of people wonder what it’s like growing up blind. This is all I’ve ever known.”

He confesses that his parents wanted him to be like everyone else. They even taught him how to ride a bike, wrapped his gifts, and bought him braille board games. 


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Oct 262013
Blind Girl From The Philippines Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’

Joyce Jimenez is only eleven years old, and can’t see a thing, but gosh can she sing.

In this video recently published online by George Doton, the girl from the Philippines knocks the Miley Cyrus hit single Wrecking Ball out of the sky. 

She has already been heard over a quarter million times, and continues to trend through the weekend. 


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Oct 132013
Jimmy Kimmel Takes Blind People To A Shooting Range

After hearing the news that the state of Iowa was issuing gun permits to the seeing-impaired, Jimmy Kimmel decided to take a group of blind people to a shooting range for a bit on his late night program. 

The video has since gone viral over the weekend, already amassing over a quarter million views.

But instead of viewers being upset with the blind handling firearms, most are offended by the condescending way Jimmy treats his guests.

“I like Jimmy, but this felt too patronizing,” said YouTuber Frederickhf241.

“This is a poor attempt at humor; this is offensive,” commented John McClendon.

What do you think? 


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Oct 042013
Blind Man Asks Questions About ‘Sighted Life’

YouTube’s most popular blind man, Tommy Edison, usually answers questions on how he goes along his daily life, such as how he cooks dinner at home, or uses his iPhone

Now, Tom has returned to ask questions about the life of a sighted-person.

He understandably doesn’t ‘get’ how people can remember all those colors, or how can a person drive with so much to see at once moving by fast. 

Fashion makes little sense to sighted-people, so naturally, Tommy can’t comprehend it all either. 


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