Oct 062014
Polyphonic Overtone Singing Is Crazy Weird

What exactly is polyphonic overtone singing? Professional singer Anna-Maria Hefele explains that it is the art of singing two notes at the same time. Creepy. It kind of sounds like the alien sounds from 1950′s science fiction. This strange video has gone viral over the weekend with over one million hits!


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Sep 192014
Gatorade’s Derek Jeter Tribute Will

Even baseball fans who don’t support the Yankees can appreciate Derek Jeter’s athleticism. In honor of the famous sportsman, Gatorade made this touching tribute of Jeter walking around the Bronx before the big game. Fans are loving the tribute that has gone viral with over 2.5 million views already!


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Jan 312013

Unsurprisingly, Disney Animation has instantly gone viralviral after the debut of their new animated short film, Paperman. The Oscar nominated black and white short features groundbreaking techniques that seamlessly melds antiquated hand drawn pictures with CGI, creating a one of a kind animation experiance.

The video tells the story of a young man in New York City whose destiny is shaken after he runs into a beautiful woman on the subway platform. Already, the new video has garnered over 1.3 million views, and is further featured on LATimes, Forbes, Telegraph, and Wired


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Jan 102013

To promote his long overdue new album, Justin Timberlake just published this new promotional tease video simply titled I’m Ready. As Justin walks to his recording studio in black and white, he contemplates his much anticipated return to the pop music world before finally announcing that, yes, he is ready. 

Naturally, these Justin fans are thrilled. Read more on RollingStone, MTV, and CBSNews


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