May 272013

As we all know to well, the Internet is obsessed with all things feline. But there is one cat that stands apart from the rest. Japanese kitty Maru. 

The famous cat who dwells in the far East has over 330,000 dedicated fans, and over 210 million video views.

In honor of the cat turning five years old, Japanese user Mugumogu published this birthday video of Maru over the weekend. Already, the clip has garnered over 1.5 million views, and has also been featured on Gawker, PawNation, and HuffPost


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Apr 242013

Artist Only Leigh is one dedicated wife. For her husband Oren’s birthday last week, she created this very special TV Bday PALOOZA video–a compilation of recreated TV show opening sequences she put together, each with a twist to represents a specific part of his life. 

Other TV obsessed viewers will recognize the likes of their favorite shows, such as Mad Men, New Girl, The Office, and more. Now, in just a week, the video has collected over 425,000 hits


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Aug 262012

David Banks just turned fifty and has been working with explosives and pyrotechnics for years now. So naturally, at his birthday cake party at work, the guys just had to take the opportunity to prank him with an exploding cake.  

Good thing the fifty year old was far enough from the cake before detonation. The video has become a viral sensation over the weekend after David’s son posted the story to Reddit


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Jul 242012

Turning 60 years old is a very important landmark. Most people will have a piece of cake or party with family and friends, but this dad isn’t interested in relaxing. 

For his 60th, he remembered his six decades on Earth by bench pressing 300 pounds.

After posting the video to Reddit, it went viral, and now stands with over 175,000 views and an exclusive spotlight on YouTubeTrends.  


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Apr 252012

What kid wouldn’t want Batman at their birthday party? Well, the fun Batman at least. No one wants the Christopher Nolan. But that’s exactly the Batman this mom accidently ordered for her songs birthday. The video by sketch comedy crew  is featured on Neatorama, YouTubeTrends, and TheDailyWhat


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