May 052016
Man And Dog Rescue Then Become Best Friends With Tiny Hummingbird

Rex the dog was just recently adopted when his owner was floored. Instead of eating a bird, Rex decided to rescue a hurt hummingbird. Now, the three live together at home in what can only be describe as a Disney special. 

“It’s like living with Tinkerbell.”


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May 042016
Giant Tuna Swallows Seagull Then Spit It Out

Usually, it’s the birds that are preying on the fish in the ocean. But the food chain was flipped on its own head in this trending clip. A man by the dock noticed a huge tuna swimming about when suddenly the large fish literally swallowed a seagull that had just dived into the water to catch a much smaller fish. Obviously, the bird didn’t taste that great, because the tuna quickly spit the bird out. Now, this clip has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Apr 072016
Two Year Old Talks To Turkeys

Perhaps we are all able to communicate with animals like in Disney cartoons, but only when we are children. At least that’s the case with this cute toddler. After seeing a group of turkeys ahead, mom told her baby boy to talk to the large birds. 

Incredibly, the turkeys answer his gobbles. So cute!


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Mar 302016
Cute Baby Eaglets Born In DC

The bald eagle has been the official national bird of America since the late 1700’s. Just the image of a bald eagle flying makes Americans proud. So the National Geographic was thrilled to post this video of two baby eaglets being born in the most appropriate place ever, the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. Such cuties!


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