Mar 262012

Biker enthusiast  instantly went viral after his latest video was posted to Reddit. He was rolling along one day when he noticed a car threw some litter out their window. Being a man of karma, he picked up their trash, buzzed up to to their window, and gave them a taste of their own medicine. 


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Mar 252012

We’re in 2012 now, so regular, old Parkour just won’t do anymore. If you want to go viral, you have to innovate, like . He mixes the crazy jumps and intense heights of PK with BMX biking. The new video already has over 25,000 views. 


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Mar 222012

We would hope in a civil society that if someone was stealing our bike in broad daylight, someone would come and call the thief out. And that’s exactly what New York art-activist  wanted to test in his latest social experiment. 

He locked up his own bike, and later ‘stole’ it as a suspicious thief would, complete with a saw or crowbar. Sadly, for New York City, the people failed Casey.

Only after he donned on his most suspicious clothing and brought out a power tool in the super crowded Union Square did the police show up… after nine minutes. The video is featured on NYTimes, LaughingSquid, and StuffIStole.


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Feb 212012

An English bus driver in Bristol has been jailed for 17 months after purposefully crashing into a pedestrian cyclist. CCTV cameras caught bus driver Gavin Hill go around the biker, and then smash into him on the side.


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Feb 182012

Marcelo Gutierrez is a famous Columbian biker, and is the fastest Pro rider in the country. To really show the level of his skills, he wore a camera during an urban obstacle race through tightly packed city of Manizales, Columbia. He speeds down stairs, through narrow corridors, and even ends with a sweet jump.


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