Apr 222012

This video was published by  last November, but has resurfaced over the weekend on EbaumsWorld, LiveLeak, and BestOfYouTube.

The video demonstrates a Hydrofoil water bike which is basically just a bicycle equipped with water hydrofoils instead of wheels. Get a good head start and you’re off! Stopping seems like a problem though. 


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Apr 182012

EV’s, or electric vehicles, are great for your pocket book as well as the environment, but there are some down sides. One particular problem is sound. Or lack thereof. 

Engineers didn’t realize that engine noise is actually safer for pedestrians, as they can hear oncoming traffic. But many EV’s are completely silent. To combat this, now most EV’s are actually equipped with speakers on the outside of the car.

 in the Netherlands took things to another level. Since they wanted their delivery scooters to be extra safe, they added a fake engine sounds. But they aren’t your typical engine sounds. No, they added Domino’s themed sounds. Just take a listen. Now that’s creative. 


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Apr 112012

Japanese bike company CoGoo may have just revolutionized bmx biking forever. They outfitted a special bike with sensors which convert different bicycle tricks into music that wirelessly feeds to your smartphone. Now you can exercise and make a sick new beat on your pedal powered DJ turntable.


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Apr 082012

As a great viral marketing campaign, funny offensive t-shirt company Botarz.com made this great prank video.

They set up Botar, their scary skull logo character, standing perfectly still at the Park City Chill Motorcycle and Car Show. And just when people least expected it, Botar jumped and scared the bejesus out of them. Laughs were had by all. 


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Apr 062012

The  has released this CCTV video of a hit and run on a overpass. A biker in the appropriate right lane was obviously slower than motor vehicle traffic, causing cars to go around him. 

No big deal until one psycho actually accelerates into the biker, knocking him down. Worse, the driver tries to quickly escape. Luckily, the bus driver not far ahead saw the whole scene and blocked the escaping perpetrator for police to pick up.


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