Jun 132013

Fans will most likely not be able to ride the iconic hoverboard or flying cars from the popular time travel movie Back To The Future, but at least there’s the next best thing. 

Several Czech companies have collaborated to create the first flying bicycle. With the boost of two high powered fans, the first test pilot successfully lifted the bicycle several feet in the air, and flew around a large garage. 

Naturally, fans can’t help but be reminded of ET.

Now, the video is going viral, and is covered on Wired, CNet, and Time


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Jun 122013

British mad scientist and inventor Colin Furze is well known online for his outrageous, and quite dangerous, inventions. And he always makes sure to test them out himself. 

He last made a splash online when he debuted his out-of-this-world gas powered stroller. Video of the the motorized carriage has garnered over 1.4 million views.

Now, Colin is back with an even greater machine. The jet powered bicycle. The week old viral video of his crazy bicycle is featured on CNet, Road, and Devour


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Jun 112013

The web has already seen Japan’s amazing and high tech underground bicycle garages, but that doesn’t mean viewers aren’t still interested. 

Japanese focused YouTube channel Tokyo Stormtrooper explains that Japan is not only small, but literally covered in bicycles. As a solution to the space problem, big cities across Japan have installed high tech automated bicycle garages.

Danny Choo demonstrates how the system works, and even gives viewers a glimpse into the underground workings of the giant robot. Since the weekend, the new video has gone viral, garnering over half a million hits


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May 282013

After a while, even the most amazing BMX bike tricks get old. How many times can you wow onlookers with the same moves?

Thankfully, bicyclist master Tim Knoll is no one trick pony. After going viral over three years ago with his creative BMX tricks, he has returned to the web from his long hiatus with new original bike tricks to stand out from the rest. 


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May 172013

Does Karma really exist? If you ask Bill Walsh, he’d probably say so. While biking down Pennsylvania Ave a Prius taxi began taking an illegal U-turn right in front Bill, nearly hitting him. 

Bill screamed out, “Illegal, illegal!” as the cab turned around in front of the intersection. 

But just then, Bill heard the all familiar sound of the boys in blue. He turned around to see a police Charger not three cars behind them also pull a U-turn, not to cut traffic, but to ticket the cabbie. 

The Internet is loving this instant serving of justice, and now the helmet camera video of the incident is going viral. 


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