Oct 312012

 is a popular New York journalist and YouTuber, and knew he couldn’t pass up the chance to document Hurricane Sandy which pummeled the city on Tuesday.

So he and another brave New Yorker strapped on their light blinkers, waterproof gear, and helmets, and spent four hours biking across lower Manhattan, documenting the devastation in real time.  

They caught some amazingly surreal scenes and images, including a Bentley covered to the glass in water. 


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Oct 232012

 set up his trusty bike with a GoPro camera, and hit the streets of Philadelphia. Surprisingly, his cute kitten MJ loves to come along, and simply rides on his shoulders enjoying the trip. Now, the new video has gone viral, standing with over 200,000 hits


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Oct 102012

This video by  has instantly gone viralviral, amassing over 900,000 hits in just one day. Martyn Ashton took one of their great road bikes–the same that won the 2012 Tour de France–and performed amazing athletic parkour and BMX-style feats around England that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The video is further featured on ESPN, YouTubeTrendsBMXUnion, STV, and DailyPicks. Music by Sound Of Guns


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Oct 042012

This video was published last month, but only went viralviral now. It has quickly amassed over 150,000 views after being featured on Reddit, nowMSN, and Gawker.

Awesome dad  took his five year old son Malcolm on his first mountain biking trip. Dad is a 21st century father, so he set up a camera and mic in his kid’s helmet to capture the trip. 

Malcolm’s commentary on his biking–from his excitement of his success to simply mumbling to himself–is simply precious, adorable, and enlightening, allowing viewers to literally see through the eyes of a kid again. 

The video is strongly reminiscent of the famous adorably inspiring Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll viral video. 


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Aug 222012

Have you ever scene the world’s smallest bicycle? Perhaps you saw a parrot or squirrel ride a tiny bike on some animal talent show on TV. 

But this is the smallest functional bike being ridden by an actual human. The biker dismounts from his usual human style one, and pulls the tiny contraption out of his backpack in this video that is featured on TheDailyWhat, Tosh.0TNT, and Yababoon .

How does he ride that thing??


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