Mar 222012

We would hope in a civil society that if someone was stealing our bike in broad daylight, someone would come and call the thief out. And that’s exactly what New York art-activist  wanted to test in his latest social experiment. 

He locked up his own bike, and later ‘stole’ it as a suspicious thief would, complete with a saw or crowbar. Sadly, for New York City, the people failed Casey.

Only after he donned on his most suspicious clothing and brought out a power tool in the super crowded Union Square did the police show up… after nine minutes. The video is featured on NYTimes, LaughingSquid, and StuffIStole.


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Feb 212012

An English bus driver in Bristol has been jailed for 17 months after purposefully crashing into a pedestrian cyclist. CCTV cameras caught bus driver Gavin Hill go around the biker, and then smash into him on the side.


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Feb 182012

Marcelo Gutierrez is a famous Columbian biker, and is the fastest Pro rider in the country. To really show the level of his skills, he wore a camera during an urban obstacle race through tightly packed city of Manizales, Columbia. He speeds down stairs, through narrow corridors, and even ends with a sweet jump.


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Feb 132012

For an average bicyclists, there are few more tricks than riding with no hands. But  isn’t your average biker. He’s a pro who’s been riding his bike for over a year straight through the streets of Montreal. You could say he literally lives on his bike, doing crossword puzzles, ‘sleeping,’ and even washing his dishes, all while riding. 

He created this biking art piece titled THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE that has already been viewed over 180,000 times on YouTube and over 600,000 times on Vimeo, just this February. It is especially popular in Mongolia, Spain, Poland, and Canada. The video is featured on MetaFilter, LaughinSquidDiscovery, and TheAwesomer.


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Jan 242012

Most mountain bikers bike around the mountain, and not directly on the tip-top of it. But that’s for wimps.  shows how real tough guys mountain bike. On the literal top of the mountain. One mistake, and he would be in a lot of trouble. The video from the end of last December is really picking up now, and is featured on LaughingSquid and YouTubeTrends


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