May 172013

Does Karma really exist? If you ask Bill Walsh, he’d probably say so. While biking down Pennsylvania Ave a Prius taxi began taking an illegal U-turn right in front Bill, nearly hitting him. 

Bill screamed out, “Illegal, illegal!” as the cab turned around in front of the intersection. 

But just then, Bill heard the all familiar sound of the boys in blue. He turned around to see a police Charger not three cars behind them also pull a U-turn, not to cut traffic, but to ticket the cabbie. 

The Internet is loving this instant serving of justice, and now the helmet camera video of the incident is going viral. 


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May 102013

Motorcycle enthuseist Alex Chacon has made the ultimate Modern Motorcycle Diaries. Over the course of 500 days, he biked from Texas to the Southern tip of Argentina, and then all the way back up to Alaska.

Finally, he compiled all his 600+ hours of riding footage into this epic video that is going viral!

The video has already garnered over 350,000 views, and is covered on LaughingSquid, MilkCookies, PetaPixel, and MostWatched.


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Apr 242013

The LA Bike Cult has gone viral with this biker point-of-view video from CicLAvia 2013. What’s so special about the helmet cam footage?

The biker was riding a Stoopidtall bike, which stood over 14 feet tall! After riding around, and almost getting caught in a kite string, the biker had to grab onto a light post to dismount. 

Now, the new video has garnered over half a million views, and is further featured on LaughingSquid, Neatorama, LAStreets, and HuffPost


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Apr 232013

Bikers don’t really have the best reputation. But Royal Jordanian is on a mission to change all that.

He happened to be stopped at a red light wearing a helmet camera when an elderly man walking across the street tripped. 

The biker immediately road up to sidewalk to help the fallen man. After a moment to gaining his composure, the old man thanked the biker, and walked off with another kind volunteer. 

Fellow biker Moto Madness Man couldn’t be prouder, and says, “Good job keeping up the biker reputation buddy, respect!”

Now, the video published over the weekend has gone viral, and has already been viewed over 375,000 times


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Apr 082013

Fifty-one year old Gary Skaggs has a very, very unique way to pay the bills. One day while relaxing with his girlfriend, he had an epiphany, imagining a piano-bike. 

After purchasing a piano for $80, and adding in a little time, effort, and sweat, his invention had come to fruition.

The piano-bike was a reality.

Since then, he has been pedaling around the timeless town of San Francisco, bringing piano music and smiles to the streets in the most unlikely of ways. 

Now, The  has featured Gary and his musical bike in this City Exposed video report which has started to trend this week. 


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