Aug 222012

Have you ever scene the world’s smallest bicycle? Perhaps you saw a parrot or squirrel ride a tiny bike on some animal talent show on TV. 

But this is the smallest functional bike being ridden by an actual human. The biker dismounts from his usual human style one, and pulls the tiny contraption out of his backpack in this video that is featured on TheDailyWhat, Tosh.0TNT, and Yababoon .

How does he ride that thing??


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Jul 062012

 was biking home in Montreal, Canada one day when he witnessed a truly unique musical moment.

Dubbed the ‘Montreal Motorbike Band,’ he saw a motorcycle with a second passenger in back playing an electric guitar, and a third wearing a horse head in the sidecar playing a full drum set. Together, they were performing Sweet Home Alabama

Oh, the things you will see. 


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Jun 212012

A little over a year ago, a very special little boy went viral with his first ever successful bike ride. Dad caught the whole scene on camera when the kid gave his Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll victory speech

Now, thirteen months later, comedy channel  has created this spot on, twenty years later parody


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May 192012

There is an enormous library of dog tricks online, and Norman is the latest pup to go viral.

The famous Scooter Dog is helped by  onto the special puppy bike, and then he shows off his pedaling skills.

The video already has over 360,000 hits, and is featured on SayOMG, DailyMail, BlameItOnTheVoices, and HuffingtonPost


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Apr 242012

, the sponsor of all things extreme, just went viral with their latest free riding motorcycle video in Rio de Janeiro. French moto trial athlete and biker Julien Dupont took to the narrow alleyways and high walls of the Brazilian town, and showed a much different view of the city than people are used to.

The video is featured on CBSNews-TheFeed, YouTubeTrends, GrindTV, and Devour


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