Jul 142013

Philipjcaputo has gone viral over the weekend with this funny and short video. While motorbiking down Burbank, the biker came to a red light and felt the eyes of the truck driver to his right on him.

After being stared down, he finally took a peak to the right to see it was actor and celebrity Shia LaBeouf staring him down from his Chevy Silverado. 

“We exchanged pleasantries, the light turned green, and we drove on.”

Now, the odd and random video has gone viralviral, garnering over 3 million views just over the weekend. 


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Jun 232013

Athlete and world traveler Mike Swick admits that this scene “maybe the strangest thing he ever filmed in Thailand.”

While travelling on the road, he was shocked to see a woman riding a motorcycle decorated with an animal skull and rifles.

But he was even more surprised to see her apparent pet parrot flying along with her as she sped down the avenue. Every now and then, the bird would land on her shoulder to rest his tired wings. 

Now, the brand new video has gone viral over the weekend, already garnering over 100,000 hits


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Jun 202013

For two years, BMX biker Danny MacAskill has been working on this extreme sporting short film, titled Imaginate.

Finally, Red Bull has just debuted the new trick bike video where Danny seemingly shrinks and bikes around a toy chest on a slew of giant, classic toys. Already, the new video has amassed over a quarter million hits


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Jun 172013

Innovative chemical company CREAX published this promotional video back in 2010, but it has only gone viral now. The demonstration video shows viewers the amazing self-healing and sealing properties of their amazing bicycle tire. They drive over nails, and even attempt stabbing the tire flat by hand, yet every puncture is instantly and perfectly sealed each time. 


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Jun 132013

Fans will most likely not be able to ride the iconic hoverboard or flying cars from the popular time travel movie Back To The Future, but at least there’s the next best thing. 

Several Czech companies have collaborated to create the first flying bicycle. With the boost of two high powered fans, the first test pilot successfully lifted the bicycle several feet in the air, and flew around a large garage. 

Naturally, fans can’t help but be reminded of ET.

Now, the video is going viral, and is covered on Wired, CNet, and Time


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