Jun 122014
Mountain Biker VS Road Biker Rap Battle

In the bicycle world there are two very different kind of bikers. There’s the street bicyclist who bikes for exercise and to get around town. And then there’s the more adventurous mountain biker who wants to get dirty and take biking to the extreme. The two will never completely get along, so to finally settle the score, IFHT held a highly entertaining rap battle. So who do you think won?


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Jun 052014
Biker Captures Thieves On Helmet Camera

The lesson from this viral video is if you’re going to be a criminal, make sure you steal the video evidence as well. South African Lucky Jakkals was bicycling through Somerset West, South Africa when he was accosted by three men. The leader armed with a weapon demanded his bike and valuables. Ironically, the criminals didn’t take his helmet which had a recording GoPro camera on top. Thankfully, the police were able to arrest these foolish criminals with the video


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May 272014
Biker Accidentally Discovers Secret Rave Party

Bicyclists Tim Fry and his buddy Rich simply wanted to go for a nice relaxing bike ride through nature. Instead, they stumbled upon a loud, booming rave party. 

“What we saw was just plain surreal,” explains Tim. The GoPro camera attached to his bike captured the moment when the quiet nature ride was flipped on its head into a crazy rave music festival.

“That can’t be official,” Tim laughs as he leaves the party. Now, the video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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May 122014
Epic 360 Degrees Selfie Around the World

Alex Chacon is taking part in a Modern Motorcycle Diaries by driving his bike over 200,000 KM across 75 sovereign nations. Thankfully, he brought his GoPro camera along with him so he can document the experience. Instead of posting unoriginal selfies like everyone else on Twitter, Instragram, and Facebook, Alex instead took epic 360 degree selfies all around the world in video. Then, he compiled all his footage into this single compilation.

Get ready for a crazy ride!


Via The Awesomer.

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May 092014
Mountain Biker Demonstrates Extreme Parallel To The Ground Turn

To demonstrate the durability and strength of their bicycles, Specialized Bicycles had mountain biker Matt Hunter push one of their bikes to the extreme. In this short clip, Matt takes the Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 on a turn so sharp, he actually becomes parallel to the ground for an amazing instant. This new video already has over 315,000 hits!


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