May 262015
Riding Backwards Steering Bicycle Is Nearly Impossible

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s just like riding a bicycle,” meaning it’s something that you can pick up years later and remember easily. But that doesn’t apply to this bike that Dustin from Smarter Every Day found. This special bike has an extra set of gears so when the rider turns left, the wheel actually turns right, and vice-versa. This video has gone viral with over 5.5 million views!


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May 022015
Daring Homeowner Catches Bike Thief At Last Second

Nothing destroys the peace of mind and comfort of home than being robbed. In just a moment, not only are you missing something physical but even worse, your sense of security is gone. So when one homeowner who left his garage door noticed a sketchy character walk into his garage and steal a bike, he didn’t hesitate to run after him and take him down! This man is the hero on the block! 


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Mar 312015
Volvo Lifepaint Makes Bikers Visible At Night

Bicycling is a great way to get around town. It’s also good exercise and helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution. The only problem is, the rest of the cars can be a great danger for bikers, especially in busy cities and especially at night. Volvo has invented a new special product to help bikers literally light up during the night. Lifepain is a reflective spray paint that is invisible during the day, but shines bright at night. 

This video has gone viral with over 900,000 views!


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Feb 182015
Japanese Underground Bicycle Parking Technology Is Genius

Older videos of Japan’s impressive underground bicycle parking have been seen on the Web before, but this new video featuring the topic is trending again now. As biking is so popular in Japan’s congested urban areas, engineers have created a very unique way to park all those bicycles: underground.

The entire process is automated. Simply roll your bike into the groove, enter your payment, and your bike is taken underground by a robot arm. To retrieve your bike, just wave your ticket. Genius! 


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Dec 172014
Bicyclist Crashes Into Deer While Speeding Downhill

Silas Patlove was going for a nice bike ride on Alexander Ave heading towards Sausalito, California when disaster struck. As he was speeding down hill, a deer jumped out from the brush right in front of him. He literally had no time to stop and slammed into the large beast. He landed on his back and hit his head on the cement pretty hard. Thankfully, he was wearing his helmet or else this story would have much less happy ending. Always wear a helmet! 

He captured the entire scene on his helmet camera, and now the stunning footage has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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