Jan 032016
Log On Bike Path Is Not What It Seems

Bicyclist Gplnd was biking along a bike path when he noticed something up ahead on the path. Ugh, another jerk left a large wooden log right in the middle of the bike path. Not only is that annoying, but it’s dangerous too. 

Oh wait, that’s not a log….


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Nov 162015
Motorcyclist Grabs Foot Of Girl That Was Sticking Out Of Car Window. On The Highway

This whole video is one big example of do not try this at home. While biking down the highway, motorcycle enthusiast Zim Killgore noticed a Toyota Camry where the rear passenger was sticking her feet out the window. This is an awful idea, as in the event of an accident you are much more likely to seriously injure yourself in that position. But what did Zim do? He grabbed her foot! Smart? No. But hilarious and ridiculous? Yes. 


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Nov 082015
Dash Cam Captures Moment When Motorcyclist Wipes Out On Highway

Jonny Five was driving in morning traffic on I-5 in San Diego when a motorcyclist wiped out right in front of him. Traffic seemed to quickly slow down and the biker lost control when his rear wheel began to slip. To make matters worse, the bike flipped over and crashed on his head! Thankfully, he was wearing a strong jacket and a helmet which definitely saved his life. The entire scene was captured on John’s dash camera, and now this clip has over a quarter million hits!


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Nov 032015
What A Motorcycle Traveling At 200mph Looks Like

Two bikers were driving down the highway, enjoying the speed and freedom that motorcycles provide when they were suddenly passed on the left side. It’s hard to see, but it was another biker who flew by them at a speed around 200 mph! This helmet camera video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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