Sep 202013
Dubstep Beethoven

Dubstep is the epitome of modern music. Beethoven on the other hand is basically as classic as it gets.

Can the two music genres possibly be merged? One might think not, but musician Andrew Huang doesn’t simply stand down from a challenge. 

Some how, he was able to mix the two to create the first ever Dubstep-Beethoven


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Sep 052013
Darth Vader’s Theme In Beethoven Style

This video posted online by Improv Electronic in 2009 is trending again now. The musical clip features pianist Richard Grayson who improvises a Beethoven style cover of Darth Vader’s menacing theme music from Star Wars on the spot at the request of an audience member.


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May 062013

Beethoven’s Bagatelle No. 25, also known as Fur Elise, is arguably one of the most famous classical pieces in history. Naturally, the song has been covered countless times online.

Sniper22b performed Fur Elise Slightly Different with a jazzy twist over six long years ago, but is experiencing a second viral surge of viewership now. 


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Jan 302011

Paul Barton visited an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and decided to bring his piano. He plays Beethoven for the amazing creatures and they seem to enjoy it. The elephant directly behind the piano even stops chewing the grass in his mouth and just stands still, apparently soaking in the calming tune.

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