Jun 212014
Jimmy Fallon Plays Giant Beer Pong with Pitbull

While getting a drink at the real Moe’s Tavern at Universal Resort Orlando, Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull got into a squabble. They decided that there is only one way to find the better man: a giant Duff beer pong competition


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Jun 052014
Bottle Cap Snapping Trick Shots

Hello Denizen has taken the trick shot to the next level. The Web has seen it all before: basketball, frisbee, football, even ping-pong trick shots. Now, Denizen has introduced the beer cap trick shot. It may sound simple, but he can even play Jenga by shooting caps at the logs. Impressive!

Apparently, this is the skill you acquire when you have too much free time on your hands and drink plenty of beer. 


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May 222014
21 Ways To Open A Bottle

There are few things cooler than showing off to your friends the cool, unconventional way your grandpa taught you to open a beer bottle with your ring or belt buckle. But there are many more ways to open a bottle than that. BuzzFeed covers 21 different ways to open a beer bottle in this trending video. You know, just in case. 


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May 032014
Hey Pass Me A Beer Trick Shot Compilation

The Internet has seen countless different trick shot videos, including frisbee, basketball, football, and ping-and pong trick shots. But the Web has never seen a trick shot compilation like this. The genius marketers at Old Milwaukee made this highly entertaining pass me a beer trick shot video back in March that has just gone viral this weekend!

This is actually part 2, somehow part 1 from 2012 only stands with a little over 780,000 hits. 

Welcome to Wisconsin. 


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Apr 292014
Beer Mile World Record

James Nielsen has broken a running world record and has gone viral! What was his accomplishment? He ran a ‘Beer Mile’ in just under five minutes. What exactly is a ‘Beer Mile’ you might ask? 

According to BeerMile.com, a ‘Beer Mile’ is when a runner runs four quarter mile laps, but first chugs a traditional 12 oz can of beer before each lap. 

James has become the first to ever run a ‘Beer Mile’ in under 5 minutes, clocking in at 4:57! Now, this video of his run has gone viral with over 400,000 hits! Congratulations!


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