Jan 292014
Beer Poured Into Hot Pan Reacts Amazingly

What happens when you pour a bit of beer into a hot frying pan? One might assume it would start to boil and that’s it.

But as this new viral video posted by Misunderstood Number shows, something much more magical happens.  

As a result of the Leidenfrost effect, the beer floats on a cloud of steam and seems to act as a gooey blob.


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Jan 152014
Honest Domestic Beer Commercial

NSFW Language

Let’s be honest. You’re not drinking that domestic beer for the flavor.

It’s cheap and the taste is tolerable. And that’s all that matters when your only mission is to get wasted.

Comedy group Random At Best knows this, so they made a beer commercial that’s a little more honest than usual.


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Jan 032014
Beer Fermenting Time Lapse Will Get You In The Mood For A Drink

Every January, the craft brewers at Sierra Nevada create a special batch of their beastly Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale.

For thirsty viewers, they have just released this special time lapse video of the beer fermenting over a six day period in traditional open fermenters.

Who’s thirsty?


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Dec 112013
26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Internet nerd John Green of Mental Floss had the lucky opportunity to visit Sunking Brewery in Indianapolis, IN for his latest video. 

Naturally, he discusses beer, and covers 26 interesting facts about the sudsy brown beverage that is so popular around the world.


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Dec 062013
Jazz Bear Wins Fight With Rockets Fan

Sure, the Utah Jazz Bear mascot may have gone a little too far, spraying silly string on a couple of Rockets fans and getting some sting in their beers, but he was spraying everyone.

It was just silly string. 

But one inebriated Rockets fan took the feud to the next level by dumping his beer on the Utah Bear. 

The Bear and drunk quickly began to battle, and the cops even had to break them up. 

But the Bear was the winner by far, dumping an entire bucket of water on the Rockets fan. 

The Utah Jazz even shared the video on their Google+ page


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