Sep 132013
How To Unload Kegs

This short video by Jimmy h was posted in 2012, but has suddenly resurfaced online. The quick clip features two workers in Dublin, Ireland demonstrating the Irish technique of transferring heavy beer kegs from the delivery truck to the drinking establishments. 


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Jul 272013

Bawku posted this commercial for the GrOpener last November, but the video has only exploded onto the viral video scene now, quickly amassing over 300,000 hits.

The GrOpener is a one-handed, patent-pending device to simply and quickly open beer bottles. The name is inspired from Grab Opener, as the user must simple grab the bottle with one hand and flip the lever to open their bottle of suds. 


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Jul 192013

HeinekenUSA has instantly gone viral with their new Departure Roulette commercial. The video features a very special roulette game Heineken set up at JFK airport.

Travelers were enticed with a proposition. Drop all your previous plans and commit to an adventurous flight to an unknown destination that is leaving right now.

In one day, the new video has quickly garnered over half a million views and is featured on HubSpot, PRNews, and Fodors


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Jul 012013

After debuting a one-of-a-kind music video a week ago, the Moones have gone viral! To stand out from the crowd, they performed their song Better Energy five times in a row for a special ‘Drunk in Session.’

Between each set each musician in the band drank five beers each for a total of 20. Viewers can choose to watch each performance by clicking the cumulative beers drunk before each set at the top of the screen. 

 Now, the music video stands with over 700,000 views


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May 192013

As a hilarious promotion, Heineken approached a slew of men who were out furniture shopping with their significant other. The men were told that if they could convince their lady to purchase two stadium seats for their living room, the couple would win two tickets to the big game in England. 

To make The Negotiation even more difficult, the two horribly red chairs were priced at nearly $2,000. 

Of course, the men had to try their best, but most of the women weren’t having any of it. 

One smart woman even says, “I don’t know what these are doing here, is this some sort of prank??”

“You realize this is half the price of my wedding dress,” said another. 

But Dylan wasn’t giving up that easy. “Audrey, just trust me on this,” he begged. When she apprehensively agreed, they instantly won!


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