Jan 272015
Man Makes Cart For Pet Bunny To Deliver Beer

Now this is an ingenious invention. Countless pet owners have trained their dogs to retrieve them a cold bottle of suds from the fridge. But what if you don’t own a dog, but instead you have a rabbit? Bunny owner Wallace TheMadKing created a special cart that is the perfect size for his rabbit to push him a beer on. Just add a little food on top for some motivation and the rabbit is happy to help.  


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Jan 212015
Redneck Tries To Drink Beer In Front Of Industrial Compressor

Moons Moment‘s brother thought it would a fun idea to try and drink a beer and smoke a cigarette in front of the powerful wind of an industrial compressor. Nice try, but the pressure of the compressor is not to be underestimated. Just look at how the wind literally blows his skin. Weird. This silly video has gone viral with over 600,000 views


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Jan 092015
Deliverymen Slide Down Hill On Cases Of Beer

What do you do when you have countless cases of beer to delivery, but you have to go down a steep hill? You could try to carefully carry each case down the hill one by one, or you can be daring like these delivery men. Even though they had to deliver many cases of beer in glass bottles, they stacked up three or four cases at a time and literally rode them like a sled down the hill. Genius!


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Jan 072015
Beer Pong Robot Can Destroy Any College Student

Beer pong has become one of the most popular sports on college campuses. There are even beer pong tournaments and competitions. But like so many other parts of our lives, the robots are creeping in. Empire Robotics created a beer pong playing robot that can crush any frat boy which they showed off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


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Dec 182014
If Yogurt Was Advertised Like Beer

You can tell what the product is almost immediately when the advertisement begns. Nearly every beer commercial follows that same you-need-this-beer-to-properly-party formula. That got BuzzFeed thinking. What if they used that proven formula to push another product? Like yogurt. It might look something like this.


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