Dec 132013
Father Of Son Attacked By Bees: ‘Better Him Than Me’

This clip from Australia’s Today Show YouTube channel Waking up with Karl Stefanovic was posted online back in November, but it has only exploded now, quickly amassing over 850,000 hits!

While interviewing a son who was swarmed by bees, Karl Stefanovic asked the boy’s father how awful it must have been to witness such an attack on his child. 

Gary could only answer, “It was a bit disturbing, but better him than me.”


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Jul 212013

Julia is definitely not your average girl. Not only isn’t she afraid of bees, she even has her own pet carpenter bee. She even pets her bee as if it were a fluffy hamster!

She seems to already be a mini-entomologist, as she lists off a slew of interesting bee facts, such as how her pet bee attains water from a piece of wood in his cage. 

Callendex actually published the video in 2008, but it has only exploded onto the viral video scene over the weekend. The video has quickly scooped up over 200,000 views, and continues to trend into the work week. 


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Jan 292013

For their latest prank, RomanAtwood and VitalyzdTv capitalized on the universal fear of the honey bee. The pranksters simply walk up to passersby and warn that a bee is on them.

Of course, what they really mean is a sticker with the letter ‘B’ is on them, but that wouldn’t prompt the same freak out reaction. Already, the new video has gathered over 375,000 views


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Jun 212011

Warning: Graphic Images!!

This is one of my nightmares. I’m sorry for showing you this, but it’s viral, so I have no choice. The video is of a special scope to look into the ear. A child had something wrong with his ear, so the doctor scoped it out. Turns out, there was a bee in his ear. I’m going to go be sick now.


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May 192011

The concept is simple enough. Take four adorable dogs and dress them in cute bumblebee costumes. Put them on a merry go round type ride and post the video to YouTube. Then just sit back as the views come pouring in.


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