Dec 092013
Maurice Raving

YouTuber Bqtamash cut this short clip from Gaston’s Ultimate Mission to Obtain Some Taco Bell, and reposted it over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now with over 200,000 hits

The outrageous clip has fans of Disney rolling in laughter, as it features Belle’s father Maurice from Beauty and the Beast raving. As in dancing at a rave.  


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Dec 032012

To promote the new castles in the New Fantasyland exhibit at Disney World,  teamed up with HGTV’s House Hunters.

They made this fun parody video of Belle, from Disney‘s Beauty and the Beast, looking for a new castle for her and Beast to share their happily ever after. 

Over the weekend, the new video has garnered over 135,000 views, and is featured on DisUnplugged, StuffIStole, and Technorati


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Nov 152012

In honor of the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars franchise,  quickly got to work mashing the two together. What resulted was another Disney princesses and Princess Leia parody, only this time, they spoof the opening song of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Little Town


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Sep 122011

In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Belle just can’t stand her ‘poor provincial town.’ As she walks around town, she is constantly being belittled by the country folk, and she just ignores it. What she really needs is a sassy attitude to tell those folks to shut up. The video is going viral on Tosh.0, TheHairPin, and Jezebel.


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