Jun 292015
100 Years Of Beauty

Cut Video has become famous online for their gorgeous series in which they cover the past century of beauty and fashion trends from different countries around the world. For their latest episode, they review past 100 years of Russian makeup and beauty fads. 


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Dec 282012

In honor of the year coming to a close, TC Candler has published their 23rd annual 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the year video

Unsurprisingly, nearly all the women are from the West, or Western-friendly Asian countries, even though they claim that, “it aims to be a very international list and one that is inclusive of many cultures, lifestyles, professions and degrees of fame.”


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May 232011

After tornadoes ripped through Joplin, Missouri, a survivor recorded a beautiful double rainbow. He doesn’t have an epic emotional reaction like the famous Double Rainbow Guy, but it’s still a site to see. It’s reminds me of the Noah story. Nature ravages mankind, but leaves a little, pretty present at the end.


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May 102011

A couple tourist visited Chapada Diamantina, Brazil. Their guide took them to a beautiful waterfall. The drop over the edge they are looking over is 400 meters. Don’t fall. The guide has a stomach of steel and just stands over the edge. The tourist are lying on their stomachs in fear. I’d be on the ground crying.


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