Jan 152014
Beatboxing In Slow Motion Is The Stuff From Your Nightmares

In this new video, German DJ Flula asks if his viewers “would like to see how beat boxing does look in slow motion?”

With the help of Smarter Every Day, he then proceeds to show viewers the nightmare that is beat boxing lips in slow motion.

That’s OK, who needs sleep anyways?


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Jul 122013

The church of TED x Talks continues to prosper online, with new congregants joining daily. The popular conference recently hosted beatbox master Tom Thum who ‘pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds.’

Just over the past week, the new video has garnered over two million views!


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Apr 292013

This weekend, Luminites stood out from the rest on Britain’s Got Talent, and have already collected over 300,000 hits. The quartet got their start performing and busking on the streets, literally playing for their dinner. 

After performing a beautiful acoustic-beat box rendition of Hurts So Good, they hopefully won’t have to busk on the streets ever again.  

“The song choice was absolutely genius,” said an impressed Simon.

“You’re like ready made stars,” added David. 


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