Nov 092013
The Bear & The Hare John Lewis Christmas Commercial 2013

For their 2013 Christmas ad, John Lewis Retail Store commissioned this ‘delightful animated story’ of the Bear and the Hare. Two best friends. 

Sadly, the Bear never gets to enjoy Christmas and the Holiday Season, as he hibernates in the winter. But the Hare has thought of an idea to bring the magic to his friend. 

Even though Thanksgiving is three weeks away, the precious cartoon has gone viral, amassing over 1.3 million views in one day. 


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Nov 022013
Toddler In Panda Bear Costume Is The Cutest

When Brittany Hobbs asked her daughter Brynn if she wanted to be a panda for Halloween, she answered, “I be a panda-baya!”

Mom borrowed an adorable panda suit from a friend, and did the perfect makeup to turn her little Brynn into the cutest panda ever. 

And the web agrees.

In one day, this short video of Brynn checking herself out in the mirror in ‘shock’ has gone viral with over 175,000 hits!


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Oct 132013
Bear Plays Tetherball

Tetherball is the classic playground game where players compete to encircle the stationary pole in opposing directions with the ball connected by a rope.  

The web has seen cats play the game, and even dogs, but what about a black bear?

Laserjobs just posted this video–shared by TastefullyO and DailyPicks–of one bear who surprisingly picked up on the game and played a solo round Napoleon Dynamite style at the Animal Ark in Reno, Nevada


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Sep 202013
Hiker Calmly Tells Brown Bear To Go Around At Kings Canyon Park

As most people who went to sleep away camp know, bears are more scared of us than we are of them. But still, you do not want to get close to one of the powerful animals.

So when Kevin Burton was hiking with his buddy near Rae Lakes in Kings Canyon National Park and spotted a bear on the hiking trail, he calmly told the bear to go around. 

Incredibly, the bear seemed to understand, and upon noticing them, took a shortcut around them

“Good boy! Good boy!”


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