Jul 072014
Lumberjack Saves Bear With Barrel Stuck On Head

A lumberjack rescued a black bear who was stuck in a pickle. Well, really stuck with a giant milk can on its head. Realizing getting too close to the terrified bear would be a bad idea, the lumberjack used a powerful Forwarder to grab the can off the bear’s head, almost like a giant, real life version of the crane game. The bear quickly ran off once it was rescued. 


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Jun 182014
Terrifying Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear

Alaska Department of Fish and Game tech worker Drew Hamilton captured an Alaskan brown bear incredibly up close on camera. The giant bear strolled right into Drew’s campsite and decided to have a seat by the river to enjoy the view. Thankfully, the bear simply left after he overstayed his welcome. 


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Jun 162014
Two Runners Encounter Black Bear While Hiking In Canada

If you’re not prepared to engage a wild animal, it’s best not to go in the woods. Two Canadian runners encountered a black bear while on a nature jog and didn’t know what to do. After four long, suspenseful minutes of walking away, the bear finally broke off. Viewers can’t help but note that the worst thing to do during a bear encounter is to walk away. Stand your ground, make a lot of noise, and raise your arms! Thankfully, the runners were able to escape to their car unscathed. 


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Jun 092014
Protective Dog Tries To Fight Off Bear On TV

Akita the dog is one protective animal. Every time a bear comes on TV, the pup instantly runs to the television to fight off the attacking bear. Good thing they live in the UK. Brit Jay Perkins posted this adorable video in 2010, but it recently resurfaced with over 250,000 new views!


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May 302014
‘Bear Man’ Is Best Friends With Bears

Puppies are adorable, but they simply can’t compete with bear cubs. Years ago, Fin Sulo Karjalainen was asked to take care of some orphaned bear cubs, and he has been in love with the powerful carnivores ever since, reports Barcroft TV. Now, the 73 year old and his brother run the Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre which is home to 20 brown bears. 


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