Oct 302014
Bears Get In A Fight In New Jersey Town

Seeing a bear strolling through your town is shocking enough. Sure, it’s rare, but it happens. They usually make their way into the city looking for food. But J Domzalski didn’t just see one hungry bear searching through trash bins in his New Jersey town. He saw two bears and they were in a pretty serious fight. TheTubeUser86 stabilized the video and now his clip has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Oct 202014
Cute Pandas Don’t Want To Take Their Medicine

Pandas are already considered the cutest type of bears. This is proven yet again in this trending video from China’s CCTV News. When China’s pandas get sick they need to be given medicine like any other animal. But just like kids, pandas really don’t like taking their medicine. So when a zookeeper tries to administer the medicine the cute bears make it as difficult as possible. 


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Sep 232014
Baby Bear Cub Plays At Golf Course

This adorable video is further proof that bears and dogs are cousins. While playing at the golf course, Andi Dzilums and his friends noticed some bear cubs near the green. One brave cub decided to play with the flag and eventually stole the golf ball! This cute video has gone viral with over 2 million views!


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Aug 072014
Bear Walking Upright Through Suburbs Is Creepy

When you go for a walk around the suburbs at sunrise you expect to encounter birds, squirrels, and may be a bunny rabbit. But Ian Bohman ran into something a little bit bigger than a bunny at 5 AM in his neighborhood in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. He caught a bear just strolling around the street on camera. What made the scene even more crazy was that the bear was walking upright like a person! Creepy. 


Via LaughingSquid

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Aug 012014
Vegetarian Bear Saves Drowning Crow

Aleksander Medveš was visiting the Budapest Zoo when he witnessed a seemingly impossible moment. A crow was drowning in the watering hole in the bear enclosure. But instead of eating the crow, the resident brown bear saved the crow in distress and then walked off to enjoy some apples. Who knew vegetarian bears existed? 


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