Jul 302013

Oregon Zoo has attached a special collar to their polar bear Tasul in the hopes of learning more about the endangered species.

The special collar is being tested on her in captivity to be later used on wild polar bears, as studying polar bears in their natural habitat is notoriously difficult and expensive. The collar even contains a special camera which captures amazing bear point of view footage


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Jul 292013

“Ever wonder what bears do when we’re not looking?” asks Alberta Parks.

Apparently, bears do exactly what Yogi Bear would do when no one else is around. They hold a back scratching party using a nice rough tree as a scratching post. 

This footage was taken in one of Alberta’s provincial parks, and has now gone viral. 


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Jul 142013

Bear encounters are much more common in the summer when bears are looking for food to horde for the winter and people are out having cook outs.

After a local man had a run in with a bear, NBC 10′s Julie Tremmel demonstrated a slew of helpful tips to attempt if one ever came face to face with a great bear as a public service. 

Sadly, her Oscar-worthy acting skills seem to be stealing the spotlight from the actual safety tips. 

The video has since gone viral over the weekend, garnering over 300,000 hits and being appearing on HuffPost, InQuisitr, and NowMSN.


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Jun 192013

Bear Vasquez become Internet famous after emotionally reacting to a Double Rainbow after a rainstorm. After that he was turned into an auto-tune song and even starred in a commercial

Now, three years later, Bear has gone viral again in a similar circumstance as his first video. Apparently, a forest fire had been brewing by his house since Sunday.

Bear was ordered to evacuate, but he had “been planning for this for decades” with over 2,500 gallons of water stored for backup.

Still, he knew he had to capture the Mother Nature’s flaming fury in action as the enormous fire engulfed huge pine trees as if they were matches. 


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Jun 082013

It’s terrifying to imagine, but, apparently, bears have figured out how to open car doors simply by using the door handle. The CBC reports that Canadian “conservation officers have received four calls about bears breaking into cars, including one involving a Porsche.”

Now, authorities believe Rebecca Moore may have caught the culprit on camera after she posted new video titled BearJacked on YouTube

Early Tuesday morning, they heard a noise outside. Just as they started rolling the camera, they caught the bear stand up on its hind legs, and open the rear truck door “just easy as anything.”

The viral video is also covered on Jalopnik, HuffPost, and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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