Oct 062015
Little Bulldog Scares Bears Away From House

Don’t mess with this little French Bulldog! Two curious bear cubs stumbled upon this Bulldog’s house who wasn’t interested in having any visitors. The dog quickly went into defense mode and scared away the cubs who were nearly twice as big. This clip has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Oct 012015
Black Bear Smashes Kayak Despite Women Begging

Most people would either run or freeze if they were confronted alone by a black bear in the Alaskan wilderness. But not Mary Maley. Instead, she had an entire conversation with the bear asking if to please leave her alone and not to break her kayak. It seems the bear didn’t take too kindly to her because it decided to eat her boat anyways. 


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Sep 242015
Man Finds Cranky Brown Bear Under His Deck

Vance Hopkins knew that there was something living under his deck, but he was shocked when he finally saw what it was. Apparently, a very big and very cranky brown bear had moved in under his deck. Incredibly, he tried to evict the bear who was not happy about having to move. Luckily, the unhappy bear left without a serious incident. This shocking nature video has gone viral with over 350,000 hits!


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Aug 292015
Grizzly Bear Slaps GoPro

Bears of all kinds can be found across the United States. But they really run free and rule in Alaska where the human population density is so small. Naturalist Brad Josephs daringly traveled the giant northern state and bumped into some grizzly bears. He captured the intense scene on his GoPro which is going viral. 


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Aug 242015
Grizzly Bear Rolls Down Hill For Fun

What kid doesn’t love rolling down a grassy hill on a warm summer day? It’s part of being a kid. Well, apparently it’s not just human kids who think it’s fun to roll down a hill. While visiting the Denali National Park, David Pangborn and others couldn’t help smiling and laughing when they passed by a grizzly bear apparently having a grand time rolling down a hill.


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