Apr 052014
Dog Saves Owner’s Life By Smelling Her Cancer

Dogs are always watching us, reading our body language. They know when we’re happy, playful, going for a walk, or even the vet. 

The BBC Earth reports that Max the dog actually saved his owner Maureen from cancer thanks to his watchful behavior.

The amazing dog wasn’t acting himself. He seemed unusually depressed and aloof. Maureen thought there was something wrong with him, but really there was something wrong with her. She had a lump in her breast that even the doctors couldn’t detect. 

Thankfully, because of Max’s behavior, she had herself checked and had the lump removed. Max immediately became his happy old self again. 

This video telling the incredible story is actually from January, but it is trending now more than ever. 


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Apr 032014
Tour Of British Accents

Americans are mesmerized by British accents. We know there are countless different accents for each neighborhood, but we’re honest enough to admit we have no idea what sound reflects what area.

Thankfully, Andrew Jack of the BBC gives an enlightening accent tour of the British Isles in this trending video.  


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Mar 292014
Wolverine The Musical

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is coming soon. To further hype up the action superhero movie, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman joined The Matt Edmondson Show on BBC Radio 1 to sing a much nerdier X-Men version of Who Am I from the musical Les Miserables

This is Wolverine: The Musical.  


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Feb 252014
BBC Reporter Fades Out In The Best Way Possible

Camera work on the news is so boring. The fade outs, the sign offs. They’re all the same. 

The BBC accidentally shook things up when Caroline Bilton signed off in the funniest way possible. The camera was softly knocked up which made it appear as if she was sinking down just as she was finishing her report. 

You couldn’t ask for a mistake to occur at a better time. 

Ben Bristow reposted the short clip on YouTube which has instantly gone viral with over 450,000 views!


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Feb 182014
Nature Show Narrator Sir David Attenborough Performs The Best Commentary Of Curling

You know that iconic voice that narrates most BBC nature shows? That is most likely the voice of English broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

As a fun gag in honor of the Olympics, he collaborated with the BBC Radio 1 to narrate a curling throw. Honestly, more people would watch the Olympics if he was the commentator.  


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