Jun 262015
Stoic Mama Monkey Is Groomed By The Bathroom Sink For Mother’s Day

Animal lover Teresa Bullock is the caretaker for a very special monkey named Angel. In honor of Mother’s Day last month, they treated Angel with a full spa treatment by the bathroom sink. You can just see how relaxed she is. 


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Jun 232015
Jimmy Kimmel Has Fans Prank Their Dads By Offering Them Breakfast In The Shower

Jimmy Kimmel can’t let a holiday pass by without pranking someone. For a few years now, he’s been famous for asking his audience to prank their kids, parents, and friends on a slew of different special occasions. So for this year’s Father’s Day, he asked his fans to offer their dads breakfast… while they were in the shower! Naturally, viewers jumped on the chance to prank their dads


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May 032015
Councilman Forgets to Turn His Mic Off When He Goes To The Bathroom

Is there anything more embarrassing than people hearing you go to the bathroom? One councilman from Georgetown, Texas made the mistake of leaving his microphone on when he went to the bathroom. Mayor pro tem Rachael Jonrowe couldn’t help but crack a smile when she heard water running on the speaker system. She tried to push through all the bathroom noises, but ended up giggling with the entire chamber. 


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May 012015
Man Has Hilarious Reaction When Using Korean Spraying Toilet

In the US, we’re all used to the standard flushing toilet. But in many parts of Asia, high-tech toilets are on the market. Jonny Conquest‘s uncle was visiting Korea and had the chance to try out one of their new toilets that have a cleaning spray.

His reaction to the cleaning water spray is simply hilarious!


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Mar 292015
Gorilla In Public Bathroom Prank

Public bathrooms are the one place that we all want to just get in and get out without being messed with. So naturally, prankster Yousef of Fousey Tube decided to prank a bunch of guys in the bathroom. He littered the floors and counters with bananas, and then had a guy in a gorilla costume jump out and scare people trying to relieve themselves. Here’s the thing, even if you realize it’s a guy in a gorilla suit, it’s still a creepy thing to encounter alone in the bathroom. 


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