Jan 252016
Shaq Joins Police Officer Who Played Basketball In Street With Kids

As most of Facebook saw last week, officer Bobby White of the Gainesville Police Department was called by a neighbor complaining about kids loudly playing basketball in the street. After seeing the kids innocently playing, Officer White decided to play along with them instead of reprimanding them! And the kids loved it!

Now, Shaquille O’Neal stumbled upon the video, and was inspired when he heard White say that he would return with backup. So Shaq joined him to once again play ball with the kids. This heartwarming video has instantly gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jan 052016
Fan Hits Half-Court Shot at Lakers Game for $95,000

Nearly every professional sports game include fun games and sideshows to entertain the guests during downtime. Offering lucky one fan a chance to win a car or a big cash prize for scoring a difficult shot is common.

One lucky fan actually hit the half court shot at the Lakers vs Suns game and walked away with $95,000! Nice! 


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Dec 222015
Chris Paul And Aaron Rodgers Perform Trick Shots

What’s better for a sports fan than playing with their friends? How about playing with their athletic heroes, like NBA star Chris Paul and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? The trick shot crew of Dude Perfect had the lucky opportunity to try out some sweet tricks and stunts with the two pros in this new video


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Dec 022015
Overfilled Basketball Exploding

Pressure is a funny thing. It seems so simple, but like arithmetic can become extremely complicated when taken to a deeper level. Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates just how much fun pressure can be by filling a basketball nonstop. What happened was an explosion of noise and rubber. The ball tearing in half is stunning in slow motion


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Oct 312015
The Michael Jordan Estate

There are real estate agents for the rest of us, and then there are real estate agents for the stars and 1%. Kofi Nartey is one of the latter. He specializes in celebrity and luxury real estate. As Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players in the history of the sport, it is only fitting that he built his mansion, or rather, his estate, with the 1% in mind. How would you like a house with multiple game rooms, a wine cellar, and of course, a full size regulation indoor basketball court? You can have it for just a cool $15 million


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