Aug 262013

While enjoying the Phillies vs. Rockies game on August 21st, Anthony Preziosi caught the first base coach for the Rockies not only giving a young fan a game ball as a souvenir, but also some life lessons. 

“When your dad says take out the trash, you take the trash out. When your mother tells you to clean up your room, you clean it up. Don’t be peeing on the toilet seat.”

Now, the week old video has gone viral, garnering over a quarter million views. The video is further reviewed on LATimes, CBSNews, and YahooNews


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Aug 202013

Back in July, South Korean gymnast Shin Soo-Ji went viral on the English web after My Kbonet‘s video of her performing a stunning flip-pitch debuted.

Now, a new South Korean girl is trending for her creative first pitch as well. This time, South Korean actress Tae-Mi performed a taekwondo inspired flip kick before throwing her pitch. 

The video, which debuted over the weekend, has already amassed over 1.5 million views.


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Aug 192013

West Michigan Whitecaps published this video over the weekend, and already it has amassed over 4 million views. The short clip features Lansing Lugnuts pitcher Daniel Norris who had just nanoseconds to save his face from a high speed incoming ball. Thankfully, and amazingly, he caught the ball, and suffered no injuries. 


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Aug 052013

What’s the point of ripped arms if you can’t even open a bottle of water? That’s what the announcers seemed to ask while watching a baseball spectator with huge muscles struggle with opening a tiny water bottle at the Kansas City-New York Mets game on Saturday.

The short clip has become one of the most popular viral videos of the weekend. 


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Jul 292013

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox expressed some serious anger and frustration during Saturdays Orioles-Red Sox game. After striking out and arguing with the ump, Ortiz was ejected from the game. 

That only made “Big Papi” rage even harder, until he finally lost control and smashed a telephone in the dugout with a bat to pieces, nearly hitting his teammate’s head at the same time. 

“I don’t think that phone is gonna work anymore,” commented one clairvoyant announcer. 

Now, the official MLB video is trending into the work week. 


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