Jul 262013

Being blind makes nearly every simple task a difficult chore, even having playing and having fun. In this short film by ESPN, Jeremy Schaap explains the sport of Beep-Baseball, a special modified form of baseball with a beeping ball for the visually-impaired.

All the players wearing blind-folds to level the playing field, and batters must run either to the first buzzing base turned on by the umps before the ball is in control by the defense. It makes for an intense game that seems more exciting than the original one. 


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Jul 222013

A surprise went awry during the Hannibal Caveman vs Terre Haute Rex baseball game in Hannibal, Missouri. Three skydivers were apart of the opening celebration, but the second hit the wrong mark, knocking over one of the players.

Now,  sbjones20061‘s video is going viral, and stands with over a quarter million views


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Jul 172013

The MLB All Star game was held yesterday at Citi, with the American League winning over National. The starting pitcher was All Star Mets pitcher Matt Harvey.

As a fun gag, Jimmy Fallon sent his Late Night crew with Matt to the streets of New York to ask sports fans what they thought about Matt Harvey.

Ironically, most baseball fans didn’t recognize him in this viral video that stands with over 1.7 million views


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Jul 162013

Remember Carly Rae Jepsen? Like most people, you were probably sure you’d never hear of the Call Me Maybe famous Canadian again after her obnoxious yet catchy one hit wonder finally faded. 

She has since resurfaced after Fox Sports video of her terrible opening pitch went viral since Sunday. Now, the clip has garnered over 3 million hits


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Jul 122013

In this new hilarious video by UPROXX, a sports fan sitting in his car listening to a baseball game being broadcast on the radio seems to have stumbled upon a glitch in The Matrix.

After his friend gets out of the car to help a damsel in distress, the listener couldn’t help realize that the play-by-play of the baseball game seemed to be in perfect synchronization with the outrageous circumstances unfolding outside with his buddy. 


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