Jul 272015
Asian Baseball Batter Is Basically A Ninja

This clip from a Chinese high school baseball has gone viral over the weekend in the Western Internet for one reason, and one reason only. The batter is simply awesome. Instead of just standing at home plate waiting for the pitch, he showed off by twirling his bat like some kind of a baseball ninja. Countless copies of this video are circulating around the Web now, with this clip alone amassing over 9 million views!


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Jun 212015
Squirrel Dives Into Dugout At Phillies Game

Most fans dream about getting to just peak into the dugout at a major league baseball game. But it wasn’t a person who sneaked into the dugout at a Phillies game. Vetfanz06 was in the stands when they noticed a squirrel walking across a wire above the stands. The entire crowd gasped when the little rodent literally dove right into the dugout causing the players to literally jump up! This video has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Jun 082015
Fan Catches Line Drive Barehanded

Many kids bring a baseball mitt with them when they go to the big game in the hopes that they might have the opportunity to catch a homerun. Micah Graves was at the opening game for the minor league baseball team Biloxi Shuckers in Mississippi when a line drive was hit into the right field side stands where he was sitting. He stood up and caught the ball barehanded. The best part? He was wearing a GoPro camera on his head which captured the entire scene


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May 232015
Father And Daughter Have The Most Unique Dance Ever

The Internet has seen countless extravagant and original father-daughter dances. It’s always such a touching moment. But the Web has never seen a daddy-daughter dance like this one! Jim Mickunas has always embraced his daughter’s tomboy attitudes when she was growing up. So it was only natural for them to place catch instead of dance during their special moment at her wedding.

This video has gone viral over the weekend with over half a million views. But viewers are divided. Some love it! Others, not so much. What do you think?


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May 062015
Will Ferrell Recreates Harry Caray On The Late Show With David Letterman

Comedian Will Ferrell is well known for the many hilarious characters he played while on Saturday Night Live. As the Late Show with David Letterman is slowly coming to a close, Will brought his famous Harry Caray impersonation back to life one more time to bid goodbye to Dave. This video has naturally gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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