Feb 072012

NSFW – disturbing content, graphic vomiting 

There are many Internet challenges pertaining towards food. There’s eating hot peppers, eating pure, ground cinnamon, drinking a gallon of milk, and more.  wants to go down in Internet history, so he’s trying the ultimate food challenge that he has dubbed The Gauntlet Challenge.

He attempts to eat 6 Habanero peppers, 15 warheads, 2 packs of mentos with diet coke, cinnamon, and a gallon of milk. The results are a disturbing puke-tastic mess. 


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Nov 142011

WFAE‘s Marshal Terry is a very dedicated reporter. Marshal gave a report on Ed Currie’s pepper farm. Ed is on a mission to grow the hottest pepper in the world, and thinks he has found the right combination of minerals, watering, and nutrients. While his pepper, simply named HP22B, is being tested by Guinness World Book of Records, Marshal decided he wouldn’t be doing his report justice until he tried the pepper himself. The result are intense, to say the least. 


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