Aug 052013

Last November, Dan Klein of  went viral with his awkward food review of the everyday apple. Now, he has returned months later to continue his work, this time reviewing the “benana.” 

He offers insightful tips and information about the popular fruit, such as that there is a sticker on the “benana” that says Chiquita and that a tab on top of it helps undress the fruit. 


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Jul 192013

The modern banana is one of the most popular foods in America. It’s even Walmart’s most popular food item, outselling even chips and soda.

But contrary to popular belief, the banana is not proof of God, as the modern banana as we know it was almost entirely man made using artificial selection.

But, as Hank Green of Sci Show explains, since the bananas we enjoy have no seeds, the entire species is extremely susceptible to fungi attack


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Dec 282012

Teaching your kids to learn to speak is one of the most rewarding jobs of parenting. It can also be one of the most adorable, as is evident from this adorably short home video. 

While working with his cute kid, Dad asks her, ‘Can you say apple?’ to which she replies ‘apple.’

Then he asks, ‘Can you say banana? to which she replies, ‘appl-balabalalblala.’ Good answer. 

The nearly two year old video has started to trend now, and is featured on StuffIStole, HuffPost, DailyPicks, and UniqueDaily


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Dec 182012

Babies falling asleep while attempting to complete a task is naturally a favorite online. The latest baby falls asleep while eating video is by Jerry Windley-Daoust.

His cute son was chomping away on a yummy banana, but was also so tired, he couldn’t keep his eyes open and chew at the same time. 

Now, this adorable video from nearly two years ago is going viral with a boost from popular sites, like VideoGum, DailyPicks, TastefullyOffensive, HuffPost, and SayOMG.  


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Dec 082012

Nathan Mazur really likes bananas. And so does his dog Ollie. The two best buddies are so in sync, Nate can shoot a banana chunk from his mouth at Ollie, and the pup can catch it

At least after it bounces off his nose for a nanosecond. 

“We like bananas, ya know?” Yes. Wise words spoken by a man who knows where to find one of Nature‘s greatest sources of Potassium. 


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