Jul 252014
Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Breathing Helium

Everyone loves to breathe in Helium and enjoy the giggly, altered voice it causes for a few brief moments. But when someone with such a famous voice as Morgan Freeman does it, it’s viral gold! While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Morgan and Fallon enjoyed some Helium together, and now this hilarious clip is going viral as the weekend begins with over 1.5 million views already!


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Nov 172013
Albuquerque Hot Air Fiesta Balloon Time Lapse

Not long ago, the 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over nine days 700 hot air balloons took flight.

For those who missed it, ROADTRIPPERS.COM posted this mesmerizing time lapse of 500 balloons taking off in less than two hours. 



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Sep 052013
Iron Man Balloon Costume

In honor of Iron Man 3, Blink Box Live drafted balloon master Jeff Wright to honor the metallic superhero. Using less than 400 independent balloons, the orphanage volunteer built his Iron Man balloon suit in just under ten hours. 

Jeff comments: “I was trying to decide what costume to do next when I got an email from blinkbox. I’m a huge fan of the Iron Man films and couldn’t resist the challenge. After some careful planning I was ready and asked a friend to film the whole process right here in Bolivia.”

Now, the video has been featured across the web, including BuzzFeed, UpRoxx, RightThisMinute, and DigitalSpy


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Jun 162013

Most people don’t realize, but there are still countless people who have no access to the Internet. Google wants to help fix this problem with their latest project, Project Loon

The concept is to create a network of high altitude balloons for data sharing in areas that fiber optic cables just aren’t cost effective. Using the Stratosphere’s consistent wind patterns, the balloons can be ‘steered’ per say into the the correct positioning. 

Users simply use a special Internet antenna to connect and ‘talk’ to the balloons in the sky, which in turn talk to other balloons, which talk to an Internet service provider. 


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Apr 082013

Kanaal Elfferich published this video back in 2011, but it has only exploded over the weekend, quickly amassing over 100,000 views.

The eccentric musician performs a one of a kind cover of The White Stripes hit single Seven Nation Army using a loop machine and balloons. The unique cover video is also featured on TheDailyWhat and TheAwesomer.  


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